Time Training Center (TTC)

Time Training Center (TTC) is a leading education institute in Abu Dhabi that focuses on providing quality education and training programs.TTC is accredited to Abu Dhabi Center for Technical Vocational Education & Training (ACTVET) with specialization in Computer and Management Training programs.

TTC has been operating in Abu Dhabi for over 24 years, previously known as Aptech Computer Education. The Center has slowly but surely, established its name and brand value as a comprehensive and high quality Management and Computer Training Center in Abu Dhabi. TTC has also secured strong loyalty from corporate companies and other associations with its holistic practical teaching approach. Given its established credentials, the Center now seeks to expand its services in Abu Dhabi and serve a larger number of students with its futuristic technology and Management programs.

We are passionate about making a difference to our student’s lives. We do this by providing affordable, accessible training programs that lead to an employment outcome. Our courses are developed in conjunction with industry to ensure our students skills and knowledge that employers are looking for. All of our courses are reviewed regularly to ensure they remain current and aligned with industry demands.

The target market for the Center include; students with a high school diploma seeking to add technical and language skills to their knowledge base and professionals seeking to enhance their technical skills& Managerial competency. Time Training will continue to employ professionals with rich industry experience as guides, to train students and provide them with the necessary career enhancing tools and techniques.

If you’re considering attending our courses, chat with one of our Career Consultants who will provide you with expert advice and help you determine which courses will help you achieve your full potential.


A leading organization that will hone and develop human capital of Abu Dhabi in the field of Computer and Management education, fostering professional competencies with flexible tailored training program at affordable prices


Offer tailor made courses aligned to individual needs whether work or education

Conduct due diligence to ensure all the courses provided meet the requirements of the current job market

Continuously monitor courses to ensure they are relevant for present and future

Hire best available talent to impart quality training

Provide best available resources (computers, softwares, trainers)

Encourage small groups classes aiding stronger learning experience

Encourage a participative classroom culture maximizing learning opportunities

Provide and maintain safe, healthy physical facilities

Provide guidance services to assist each student in making an appropriate vocational choice.

Instill in students the desires to learn, which will guide their growth in their professions

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