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Top Reasons Why You Must Learn Excel VBA

Are you annoyed about the repetitive tasks that you have to perform in Microsoft Office? Finding it difficult to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets efficiently in your workplace? If yes, Excel VBA is your answer.

What is VBA?

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications.VBA is a language used for programming tasks in Excel. This tool develops additional functions in Excel worksheets that you can customize for your work. Excel VBA is a simple programming language that you can use to extend Office applications. You do not need any prerequisites or skills to master VBA. VBA is an excellent option, as it saves time by automating repeated actions. 

If you wish to advance automating and modifying in Excel, use VBA. You do not need any prior programming experience but only a good understanding of Excel. In this blog, you will read five significant reasons why you should learn Excel VBA.

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Excel VBA


  • Decrease the number of errors
  • Give access to other users
  • Learn Easily
  • Save your time and money
  • Enhance your company's performance


1. Decrease the number of errors

Do you find the errors increasing while performing repetitive tasks? The Excel VBA program aids in doing complex and tedious office tasks. Higher the number of repetitions can cause more mistakes. Here is where you should use VBA. VBA automates repetitive tasks, reduces the burden of tasks, and prevents your program from making mistakes. Reports and other documents worked on excel sheets are a tedious task, especially in finance management. VBA makes it easy to prepare reports and templates within a short time. 

VBA helps to make frequent tasks less monotonous via macros. Macros can automate any task—like generating customized charts and reports, performing word and data-processing functions.

2. Give access to other users

Accessibility to information is a significant part while you work in a team. Imagine taking a lot of time to convey or pass your work to your colleague? It not only reduces your organization's productivity but is time-consuming too. But with VBA, other users do not have to install anything additional to access your work. VBA allows other users to modify and give quick access to information.

If you are a Programmer, you can use macros to replicate large pieces of code, merge program functions, and design specific languages. On the other hand, if you are a financial professional such as an accountant, commercial banker, or administrator, VBA allows you to quickly adjust vast amounts of data.

3. Learn Easily

Learning VBA is easy. If you are an entrepreneur, training your employees on VBA is a step toward increasing your organization's productivity. Several VBA training courses, online and classroom-oriented, are available to teach you everything quickly. In addition, VBA can enhance Excel's ability to customize your operations. 

Investing in VBA skills will certainly yield faster results, unlike any other programming language. By building macros, you can leverage excel programming for customizing the reports. Excel VBA Training in Abu Dhabi will help you comprehend the excel entity model and Visual Basic for application ideas. 

4. Save your time and money

Most of you are familiar with Microsoft Excel. But do you know how VBA can help things organize better? While Excel can efficiently make calculations and visualization, VBA saves hours from repetitive tasks. VBA is an excellent automation tool for formatting and editing, especially if you have to do it several times. It saves you time.

Also, by getting an expert in advanced formulas, functions, and visualization techniques, you'll be better at your job and create a good impression on your resume. Tools made with VBA can decrease the time to carry out several tasks. As we know, the less time a team takes to act, the more time they can dedicate to other profitable tasks.

5. Enhance your company's performance

VBA applies to many fields. A VBA specialist will always be an asset to an organization. Be it in finance, analytics, big data, logistics, or anything else, utilizing VBA in Excel can improve your company's performance.

From automation, interactions in office applications to implementing business logic in Excel, VBA significantly improves your workbook performance. Excel VBA is beneficial for various professionals like data analysts, Financial analysts, Advanced Excel users, or any other fresher seeking jobs in analytics. Market research analysts and digital marketers also gain benefits from Excel VBA.

One might wonder if VBA provides a considerable advantage to Excel because Excel already has advanced functions. Yes, MS-Excel with inbuilt functions can perform complex calculations. But, VBA is a prominent solution and a beneficial skill that will help you keep up with the competition in the corporate world.

Shahista Tabassum

Shahista Tabassum is a senior IT Technical Trainer at Time Training Center Abu Dhabi.  She has an extensive work experience of 11 years working in various roles as a software developer, It Consultant and Technical Trainer. She spends her free time learning new things that will enhance productivity and in volunteering activities that help kids to learn new things. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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