Hacking Training Course in Abu Dhabi

Ethical Hacking Course In Abu Dhabi

Master hacking skills and build a career in cybersecurity with an Ethical Hacking Course in Abu Dhabi. Here are the outcomes of Ethical Hacking course

  • Master the unique and hands-on practice of ethical hacking
  • Learn to identify vulnerabilities and security leaks
  • Understand what constitutes a threat to data 
  • Learn the latest commercial hacking techniques
  • Become an EC Council Accredited Ethical Hacking professional

All You Need To Know About Certified Ethical Hacker v 11 Training in Abu Dhabi

The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH v11) training is the finest and the most reliable ethical hacking training program. Learning this course will help you become a professional in ethical hacking methodology which can be utilized in penetration testing to legally evaluate the security of the system. Besides preparing students to become a certified ethical hacker, this course also delivers excellent ethical hacking skills. Our Certified Ethical Hacker training in Abu Dhabi can prepare students very well by providing the best knowledge and make them a professional Ethical hacker very quickly.

Did you know that Certified Ethical Hacker is also used as a standard for hiring? It is true! It is the most sought-after certification that most of the fortune 500 companies are looking for in candidates. If you have this skill, then you are sure to get hired for a handsome salary pay. So, join our Certified Ethical Hacker training institute in Abu Dhabi and learn some quick techniques and tips to master the course. Many spiteful black-hat hackers have great techniques under their belt and we will help you learn those by providing effective training. We shall finally help you gain the capability to quantitatively assess and measure the threats to data assets and make you determine if ever a company is susceptible to hacking.

Learning outcomes of our Certified Ethical Hacker training:

Some of the finest learning outcomes of getting training at our institute include the following:

  • Students will be capable of penetration testing methodologies
  • You will be great at identifying passive traffic
  • You will be able to gain remote access through a Trojan
  • You will be capable of attacking network infrastructure devices
  • We will give you enough tips and techniques that will help you hack by brute forcing remotely
  • Students will learn diverse threats to IoT platforms and to protect the IoT devices firmly.
  • Understanding the lifecycle of exploits that uncover security susceptibilities is a crucial consideration. A Certified Ethical Hacker who got trained by our professionals will understand what it takes to secure the systems and networks effectively.
  • You will learn how to hide exploit payloads in various ways.
  • You will be a professional at hacking web applications.

These are a few learning outcomes of our training and there are more which you will learn once you join our Certified Ethical Hacker Classes in Abu Dhabi.

Target audience:

  • Ethical hackers
  • Security researchers
  • Auditors & Security Professionals
  • Security analysts
  • Security consultants
  • Network Administrators and Engineers
  • People who are responsible for protecting the reliability of the network infrastructure

Also, if you are greatly interested in the hacking profession, then this course can be the perfect choice for you to learn and be an Ethical Hacker.


Below are the course prerequisites:

  • You must have a firm understanding of the Windows OS
  • You should be familiar to the Linux OS or any other Unix-based Operating System
  • One should be capable of easily grasping the TCP/IP protocols

Course Duration

  • 5 Days/40 Hours

Course Topics

Module 01: Introduction to Ethical Hacking
Module 02: Footprinting and Reconnaissance
Module 03: Scanning Networks
Module 04: Enumeration
Module 05: Vulnerability Analysis
Module 06: System Hacking
Module 07: Malware Threats
Module 08: Sniffing
Module 09: Social Engineering
Module 10: Denial-of-Service
Module 11: Session Hijacking
Module 12: Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
Module 13: Hacking Web Servers
Module 14: Hacking Web Applications
Module 15: SQL Injection
Module 16: Hacking Wireless Networks
Module 17: Hacking Mobile Platforms
Module 18: IoT Hacking
Module 19: Cloud Computing
Module 20: Cryptography

Reasons for choosing Time Training Center for CEH training:

We are different in many ways compared to our competitors and that is the reason why students pick us for their training needs. Here are some of the great reasons to choose us for Certified Ethical Hacker training:

  • Our trainers are Certified Ethical Hackers.
  • We offer excellent training and that is possible with a limited number of students per each batch.
  • Individual focus for each student helps them to clear their doubts inside the classroom itself.
  • Our training is as per the present industry standards and so our curriculum is also designed that way.
  • Option to select flexible timings or can opt for straight 5 Days/40 Hours training.
  • Reviews about Time Training Center on social media channels are always on top compared to the competitors.
  • Our main strength is the word of mouth and literally, hundreds of students join us every year just from the references of our previous students.

Summing up:

If you are based out in Abu Dhabi and looking for Certified Ethical Hacker training institute in Abu Dhabi, then you have got to choose Time Training Center without fail. This is the best Certified Ethical Hacker training center in Abu Dhabi and is helping students to master the CEH course very quickly. If you want to join our training institute, contact our experts immediately: +971 2 6713828.

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