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Primavera P6 Course In Abu Dhabi

Stay two leaps ahead in your project management career with the best Primavera training. Our course helps you to,

  • Build a strong knowledge base before you join the industry
  • Experience and learn the project management life cycle firsthand
  • Equip yourself to trace different projects at the same time
  • Study one of the most user-friendly project management software

Overview Of Primavera P6 Training in Abu Dhabi

Primavera is a project management software deployed by leading project-based organisations in the world. A project manager who completed the Primavera software certification will be adept in planning and scheduling projects, resource management, portfolio management, risk and issue management, etc. with Primavera P6.

Why is Primavera P6 Important?

Primavera P6 is one of the most widely adopted project management tools. Most of the project-based organisations have migrated their operations to Primavera, owing to its features listed below:

  • User-friendly interface and easy navigation
  • Forecasting is a walk in the park even in the middle of the project
  • You can divide the project into smaller and more attainable goals
  • The functionality to work in teams is a core feature of Primavera


Why Should You Get Primavera P6 Certified?

Primavera P6 is an essential skill if you want to shine in a project management role. Below is a list of factors that can motivate you to pursue Primavera P6 certification,

  • Reduces risk: Primavera P6 is a highly matured project management tool. It helps teams reduce risk from different stages of project management life cycle.
  • Optimum utilisation of resources: Avoiding wastage of resources is essential for the success of any project. Primavera P6 has advanced functionalities to minimise unwanted usage.
  • Communications made easy: Primavera P6 helps the management and execution team communicate with each other easily.
  • Effortless tracking: Primavera P6 helps project management teams to follow the status of the project at any given point in time.


Primavera P6 Training Outcomes and Professional Benefits

  • Acquire transferable expertise-Many industries deploy Primavera for project management. You can easily change industries if you’re adept at this tool. 
  • Job security-As a widely-used project management tool, Primavera P6 ensures the continuity of your career.
  • International opportunities-Companies across the world use Primavera. Your exposure to the tool in one country will also be counted as relevant in other countries.
  • Increased earning potential-Upskilling yourself is one of the best ways to increase your ability to negotiate a better salary package from your employer.


Primavera P6 Certification Course Prerequisites

There is no prerequisite for the Primavera P6 course. However, it is better to have a minimum understanding of Scheduling and Planning.

Primavera P6 Certification Course Career Path and Opportunities

Primavera certification help you work in a number of job roles across industries. Some of them are,

  • Project manager
  • Resource manager
  • Project coordinator
  • Product owner
  • PP Manager (Portfolio and Program Manager)
  • Business consultant


Industries Looking for Primavera P6 Certified Professionals

  • IT
  • Energy
  • Automobiles
  • Construction
  • Chemicals
  • Heavy machinery


Companies Looking for Primavera P6 Professionals in Abu Dhabi

  • Lockheed Martin Corporation
  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Boeing
  • Baykar Technology
  • Arabtec Construction LLC


Primavera P6 Training Options

Training Options Features
Classroom Training
  • Relevancy of the course content ensured
  • Learning progression is guided by measurable goals
Customized Corporate Training
  • Customized learning (digital/ instructor-led)
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learners assistance and after support

How To Get Primavera P6 Certified? - Follow These Three Steps To Primavera P6 Certification

By following the below steps devoutly, you can ensure that you clear the Primavera P6 in the minimum time possible.

  • Learn the features and tools of Primavera P6
  • Register for the Primavera P6 certification exam
  • Demonstrate your skills at the test and pass the exam


Why Choose Time Training Center for Primavera P6 Training in Abu Dhabi

The Primavera P6 certification training at Time Training Center features qualities like the following,

  • Our courses are always delivered in a collaborative environment. 
  • We adapt the course curriculum around the training goals set before the program began.
  • We believe that the quality of a training program increases when it is inquiry-based.
  • Time training center is an excellent option for those who want to build a lifelong network of like-minded professionals.





Primavera software training at Time Training Center is preferred by many students and professionals in Abu Dhabi because of the following reasons,

  • Constructive course management
  • Reinforced curriculum for knowledge retention
  • While setting the training goals, we make sure that they are aligned with the business goals of the client
  • Top of the line assessment metrics
There are no particular prerequisites for attending the Primavera software course.
Along with helping our students to pass Primavera P6 training certification, our course helps you create a strong base in the fundamental features of the software.
A team of experts has spent years perfecting our course curriculum for Primavera P6 training. Their priority while designing the curriculum was to keep the objective clear at every stage of the learning program. They also maintained the flexibility for future adaptations.
Primavera P6 is employed by top companies in their project management department. If you are a professional project manager or a student who wants to start a career in project management, knowing your way around the Primavera P6 software will help you to find work at one of those companies with ease.
A good Primavera P6 course helps you to learn and practice the features of Primavera like contract management, resource management, risk, and opportunity management, and scheduling.
It is always better to learn Primavera P6 with the help of a training institute that gives importance to experiential learning. Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi is such an institute that value the significance of learning by experience above everything else.
Primavera P6 course at Time Training Center is 35 hours in duration.

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