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Secretarial Course In Abu Dhabi


Build Your Office Skills with the Secretarial Training in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Secretarial Course aims to build a knowledge base about systems and procedures to aid the smooth running of an office in the respective domain. Whether you are entering the workforce or you have been working in the administrative sector, a Secretarial Course in Abu Dhabi can provide you with the insight, skills, and knowledge you need. 

How a Secretarial Certification can Help Your Career? 

A Secretarial certification prepares you for a full range of secretarial skills and roles. Secretarial courses can help you to enhance your knowledge, boost your career and develop your skillset to perform at your best. A secretarial certification can: 

  • Secretarial certification gives you a greater opportunity to obtain high-level positions as an office manager or an executive secretary. 
  • Develop skills to establish an understanding of various business disciplines, including accounting and business law.
  • A Certification course helps you master a set of hard and soft skills.
  • The average salary of certified candidates is considerably higher than other administrative employees.  You can earn a lucrative salary with your certification.
  • Earn professional credentials in general secretary or legal secretary work.


What Will You Learn From our Secretarial Skills Training in Abu Dhabi? 

We help you learn and build the essential qualities & skills needed to work as a secretary across multiple sectors. We concentrate on delivering the Secretarial training through a unique learning approach that is more acceptable to our learners, and, this includes: 

  • Classroom training with flexible classes
  • Course material as per the industrial standards
  • Tips and Tricks for the secretarial exam preparation with mock tests
  • Personalized Training with Industry-leading Instructors 
  • The course duration of 30 hours+ with 10 hours practical sessions


The major objectives of our course are:

  • Get a great understanding of essential secretarial skills.
  • Learn implementing new procedures and administrative systems.
  • Learn to manage and maintain the schedules of senior executives.
  • Use various computer packages like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Use tools you need to write business letters, and other documents.
  • Utilise all the communication and business tools.
  • Learn people skills, strong interpersonal and communication abilities.


Corporates Secretarial Training in UAE  

Professionals who are efficient and responsible for managing a support team, office administrators, and supervisors are a very important workforce in an office. A Secretarial Skills Training for corporates can help them learn about business, legal terminologies and gain advanced instruction in information processing and administrative services. 

Our training can help you excel in:

  • Learn how to precisely communicate with customers and clients
  • Identify e-contracts, disputes, and settlement issues that could arise
  • Generate business documentation, proposals, and presentations to target readers
  • Balance budgets, maintain records, and practice professional communication
  • Systems and procedures to aid the smooth running of an office
  • When and how to implement new procedures and administrative systems

A certified secretarial professional will have all the technical and conceptual skills to be a team player and be empowered as an effective workforce. Help your employees learn Secretarial courses with the best corporate training in Abu Dhabi. 

Who can Pursue our Secretarial Training in UAE? 

The following are the prerequisites to pursue our Secretarial Training in Abu Dhabi:

  • A student with a secondary degree such as a high school diploma or associate's degree 
  • Professionals who are planning to be Executive Secretary?
  • Aspirants who wish to build their office administrators skills

Our course aims to advance your career ladder to a higher administrative assisting or managerial position. With Secretarial Training in Abu Dhabi, you can maximize your job skills and career potential. 

Why choose Time Training Center for Secretarial Training in Abu Dhabi, UAE?

Time Training Center, Abu Dhabi is an excellent institution in providing the best Secretarial Course Certification in Abu Dhabi. Commercial, government, and other organizations prefer to employ certified professionals to improve the success rate of different projects.  We provide our students with complete guidance and impart skills that enhance their workplace competency. We have industry-leading professionals who offer tailored classes to the aspirants. At Time Training Center, we provide multiple study aids to the students and emphasize building career-oriented skills.  If you want to become a certified secretarial professional, start preparing with us to stay ahead of others.

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