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Autodesk Revit Architecture Course In Abu Dhabi

Overview Of Autodesk Revit Architecture Training in Abu Dhabi

Autodesk Revit Architecture Abu Dhabi is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that all aspects of a building designing project. Our Autodesk Revit Architecture Training in Abu Dhabi offers training for beginners, intermediate and advanced users. Autodesk Revit Architecture Abu Dhabi is Autodesk’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that caters to all aspects of a building designing project.

Time Training Center (TTC) Abu Dhabi conducts Autodesk Revit Architecture Training in Abu Dhabi by our Industry experienced Autodesk certified trainers. Our Autodesk Revit Architecture course in Abu Dhabi is designed to make the students up to date with construction designing. Once you complete our Autodesk Revit Architecture Training in Abu Dhabi you can get free refresh training for Autodesk Revit Architecture BIM class if required within one year in Abu Dhabi. Revit Architecture Training in Abu Dhabi

Course Duration

Course Duration is 40-50 Hours, which can be completed in a month. Fast track coaching for Autodesk Revit Architecture course also available.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Autodesk Revit Architecture
  • Basic Drawing and Editing
  • Setting up Levels and Grids
  • Drawing and Modifying Walls
  • Setting-up Levels and Grids
  • Drawing and Modifying Walls
  • Doors and Windows
  • Curtain Walls
  • Creating Views
  • Floors
  • Components
  • Reflected Ceiling Plans
  • Roofs
  • Vertical Circulation
  • Construction Documentation
  • Annotation
  • Tags and Schedules
  • Detailing in Autodesk Revit Architecture

Autodesk’s Revit Architecture is a BIM software tool for engineers, architects, contractors, and structural engineers. It permits individuals to plan a building and its elements in 3D, interpret the model with 2D drafting elements and acquire building data from the building models record. Time Training Center is offering the finest Revit Architecture Training in Abu Dhabi for professionals who are looking to shape their career choosing this field. Revit comes with tools to prepare and follow diverse levels in the building's life cycle, from idea to construction and afterwards destruction.

Why should you learn Revit Architecture Training in Abu Dhabi?

Revit Architecture Training in Abu Dhabi brings tools that hold up MEP engineering, architectural design, construction, and structural engineering. Revit is exclusively created for building information modelling to assist individuals in design, build, and sustain superior quality, enhanced energy-efficient buildings. Complete characteristics will make this a perfect solution for the whole building project team.

By taking Revit Training in Abu Dhabi, you will certainly develop into a design and construction skilled personnel who will be capable of bringing new ideas to construction with a reliable model-based approach.

Prerequisites for Revit architecture training:

To make sure you succeed, you should have a fundamental knowledge of your operating system that you have on your computer. To explain clearly, you should have sound knowledge on how to start an application, build and save files, and copy files from CDs or other kinds of media. If you have awareness of AutoCAD, then it is an added advantage.


  • Analysis: Creating component energy analysis, improved structural logical model, duct and pipe computations to API; corporal materials for performance testing.
  • Collaboration: Work-sharing - numerous individuals accumulate their work to a central file; association on shared models throughout a WAN; complete work from distant places using a local server.
  • Design: Very simply model, amend, and document designs of railings, stairs; parametric works - graphical method for design, form making.
  • Revelation for building exiled building design views; development of recital for visualization; confinement of design concepts in a photorealistic position, and lessening of plan cost with cloud-based rendering.


  • Our BIM training in Abu Dhabi will help you in knowing how to build up superior quality, more precise architectural designs; make use of tools specially created to support BIM workflows.
  • You will know how to confine and examine ideas, and preserve your idea through design, documentation, and construction.
  • You will understand how to do building component energy analysis; utilize the API to execute pipe/duct computations; execute static analysis from cloud; generate/supervise the structural analytical model; mechanically keep informed your model with analysis consequences; and enhance building information modelling based building performance workflows.
  • You will comprehend how to examine Revit model for collisions between components; toil with diverse individuals and keep their work to a central file; associate on shared models across a WAN; reorganize information organization; and work from distant places using a local server.
  • You will be acquainted with how to tie up dialogs in one window; more easily model, amend, and document designs; position air terminal instruments on channel faces; confine angles for pipe, tube, and cable tray; restrict open ends of duct or pipe content swiftly; rebar position constraints customization, and achieve get more rebar choices when modelling.
  • You will study and understand how to crop non-rectangular model regions quicker; simply supervise altitude cut-line configuration; mechanically show dimension standards; interpret numerous elements with a single tag; describe geometry and location for beams and braces; get better rule of schedule formatting; gain construction insight from design models; estimate/track detailed material quantities, and build points from views of a 3D model.

What makes us different?

  • Our classes are real project oriented.
  • We will make students to work on real project at the time of the course.
  • With this kind of training, you will definitely get a job easily.
  • We also customize the training needs if you have any key requirements.
  • 30% of our students join us only through word of mouth.
  • We are the only institute who have huge positive reviews and ratings in social media and Google.

Our Training:

Revit training Abu Dhabi at Time Training Center is the best training where you can get customized Autodesk Revit training at a reasonable price from instructors who have immense expertise in this field. Improved by Autodesk, Revit software from BIM includes characteristics for MEP, construction, architectural design and structural engineering.

Finally, bearing in mind that Revit is a very big tool to make easy the BIM concept, understanding and getting trained on it will require an approach which is very much structured. The vital elements of this approach comprise of getting to know the dissimilarities in the building information modelling workflows and conservative CAD-based processes, training tailored to specialisation, building up proficiency in apps directly concerned to Revit.

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