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Negotiation Skills Training In Abu Dhabi

An Overview of Negotiation Skills Course in Abu Dhabi

Negotiation is an art that we all should have. At Time Training Centre, we know that art of negotiation is one of the key skills that significantly contribute in the overall success of any individual. Thus, you should definitely apply for the Negotiation Skills Training in Abu Dhabi. At Timetraining, we believe that all of us have to negotiate sometime or the other in our personal as well as professional life; if you have the right negotiation skills, you will be able to handle different tasks with efficiency. So, availing negotiation skills training in Abu Dhabi will be beneficial for you. Whether it is about negotiating with the clients or negotiating with new candidates for the payroll, the negotiation skills training would enable you to fetch better results in favor of the organization you are working. So, avail the negotiation skills training in Abu Dhabi.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will have an in-depth knowledge of

  • Types of negotiation and its qualities
  • Produce win-win outcomes by creating values
  • Build productive and positive relationships
  • Influencing other by keeping a heck o the emotions

Who Should Attend?

Any business professional who wants to enhance his/her negotiation skills should enroll in this training program offered by Time Training Institute. Any level professionals, whether executives or beginners, should take up this course to work more productively by negotiating beneficially with their customers, vendors, partners, colleagues, and others.

Topics Covered

  • Goal Understanding
  • Pre-negotiation preparation
  • Dealing with challenging situations
  • Impact of cultural difference and personal bias on negotiation
  • Working on effective communication skills
  • Making the right offers at the right time
  • Negotiation terms

Course Duration

This is a 2 days course that will touch different aspects to improve your negotiation skills and make you more productive.

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