Letter of Credit Training in Abu Dhabi,LC Training Course in Abu Dhabi

International Trade Letter of Credit Course In Abu Dhabi

Overview Of International Trade Letter of Credit Training in Abu Dhabi

International Trade Letter of Credit (LC-UCP 600) course helps individuals gain the knowledge about the uniform customs and practice for documentary credits (UCP) standards are utilized by banks and companies in more than 175 countries for international trade financing. This will enable the participants to interpret the implications of the terms and conditions in a letter of credit. This program will exclusively address the operational issues in letters of credit transactions with detailed discussions on important UCP 600 articles.

This Letter of Credit Training in Abu Dhabi will give you the detailed idea about various types of invoices, bills of lading, Free Zone operations, Port & Customs procedures, import/export guarantee and related topics. The key rules relating to the documentation of letter of credit are also covered, ensuring that participants both new and experienced to letter of credit benefit from and examination of this key piece of technical knowledge in international trade finance.

A certificate approved by Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (ACTVET) and an international certification from the American Institute of Business & Management (AIBM) will be provided after successful completion of the course.

Course Outline:

  • LC - Application ( Opening / Amendment )
  • Types of Letters of Credit
  • Important Applications of UCP 600
  • International Performa Invoice
  • LC - Confirmed / Unconfirmed
  • LC Transferable / Back to Back / Revolving & Red Clause
  • UCP 600 - URC 522 - ISBP - URR 725
  • LC - Standby
  • Import/Export Documents Checking
  • Handling Discrepancies
  • Payment & Reimbursement
  • Negotiation and Discounting
  • Import / Export on Collection basis (URC 522)
  • Credit Facilities, Financing on Import / Export Operation
  • Alternative Trade Finance Instruments
  • Settling Documentary Credit Disputes
  • Country Insights of International Trade and Trade Finance
  • Swift Message Types Used in Documentary Credit Transactions

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