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Crystal Report Design Training In Abu Dhabi

All You Need To Know About Crystal Report Design Course in Abu Dhabi

A revolutionary concept, crystal report is categorized as one of the vital business intelligence applications that everyone should use in order to stay ahead in the competitive market. It is used for designing and generating different types of reports with the support of visual-based data. It works with different types of data sources such as Oracle databases, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft SQL Server, and more. It helps in transforming data into meaningful information and thus increases the competitiveness of an organization. 

Crystal Report Training Course provided by Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi is a certified program that offers a strong knowledge base for different types of careers such as crystal report Training writer/developer, database developer, business analyst and more. 

Course Methodology 

This course makes use of different types of data sources like a spreadsheet, word processor, etc. 

Course Objectives 

The objective of this course is to train the students so that they can gain skills and knowledge for linking different data sources and creating effectual presentations using crystal reports. After completing the course, you will be able to help your organization in retrieving and formatting data, creating meaningful reports and integrating your reports with an application or any website like .NET. 

Who Should Attend? 

This course is ideal for those who are looking for career opportunities as business analysts, crystal reports writers/developers, database developers, etc. Moreover, this course helps the business persons to develop reports having meaning information, create advanced graphical and crosstab reports, and more. 

Topics Covered: 

Our Crystal Report Design Training covers the following topics: 

  • Creating and formatting reports
  • Creating custom formulas 
  • Creating a report using Excel data
  • Grouping and querying data for reporting
  • Using SQL statements in report processing
  • Using a report to present specific data in the desired order
  • Cross-tabs, sub-reports, drill-downs and prompts
  • Building formula to calculate and display data

Course Duration: The duration of the course vary upon the type of course program you select like 4 days for practitioners, etc.

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