Graphic Designing Course In Abu Dhabi

Expand your creative skills in image editing,animation,etc with Graphic Designing course in Abu Dhabi.Here are the Graphic Designing course outcomes:

  • Gain expertise in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Learn Adobe Indesign, Coreldraw and Adobe Animate 
  • Analyze different pixel-based and vector graphics 
  • Build banner ads and rich media marketing campaigns 
  • Become a Certified Graphic Design Professional

All You Need To Know About Graphic Designing Training in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Nowadays, graphic designing needs not just creative skills, but also the understanding of the concepts of various design concerned areas like computer graphic design. A graphic designing course is a package that comprises various designing programs. Some of them include Adobe InDesign, CorelDraw, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Once you get equipped with these courses, you can do various activities in designing such as logo designing, poster designing, designs for the magazine, brochure, newspaper, etc. Time Training Center is offering Graphic Designing training in Abu Dhabi for interested candidates who want to learn this course and seek a career in the same field.

 Believe us! This course will no doubt offer you fabulous opportunities to work in a key position in a company as a lead graphic designer. There are many job opportunities in the graphic designing field for freshers and also experienced personnel. All you need to do is master this course to the full extent and lead your way to success. Our skilled graphic design professionals have tremendous expertise in the graphic designing field and will make you a dedicated working professional very quickly. Also, our course curriculum is designed in such a way that you will master it by understanding simply and start your career on a great note-taking our expert guidance.

Objectives of Graphic Designing Course in Abu Dhabi

Our Graphic Design courses in Abu Dhabi have the following objectives:

  • We offer practical training utilizing the modern tools & procedures
  • You will understand and build top multimedia level content for the purpose of promotions, for publishing, campaigning, for ads, and also to get a look for the websites.
  • If you love interactive designs, then graphic designing will definitely help you get them with the help of web scripting and animation.
  • You will also learn Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, etc. in our graphic designing course.
  • You will be trained on building portfolios in whatever the area you have interest into.
  • As we offer training by industry expert faculty, you are sure to learn the complete graphic designing package in the specified timeframe and gain thorough knowledge too.


How can a Graphic Design Certification Help Your Career?

 Graphic Design Certification Career choices:

A graphic designer produces designs, illustrations, etc. for print, publications, to use on the net, etc. So, they have various opportunities and will get jobs in:

  • Ad agencies – Here you can utilize your lately learnt design skills to create appealing and attention-grabbing ads for various media.
  • Web design companies – Here you can help create great designs with appealing web pages.
  • Graphic design studios – In studios, you can put on the graphic design skills to edit photos like altering the contrast and the illumination of colours on photographs.
  • Publishing houses such as magazines, newspapers – In here, you can do layout designs and altering works. Magazines and newspapers normally follow a delivery schedule and act according to it. So you have to ensure that you are capable enough to meet the deadlines easily.
  • TV & media businesses – This is the area where a graphic designer can give his and it’s where he is more suited to give 100% compared to the remaining industries. This industry needs a wide-ranging application of design skills and your capability will be enhanced to the next level by working on animation films.

These are some of the areas where you will be getting a job opportunity if you undertake the graphic design training course.

Some of the Career role for Graphic Design Professionals

Completing the whole Graphic Design Certification Course package including other courses in graphic designing, you will be offered diverse roles in companies. Some of the roles you may get include:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Layout Designer
  • Web Designer
  • UI Designer

The position may depend completely based on your skillset. You can be offered a base-level position or a team lead or a manager-level position based on your experience and the level of your work.


So, if you got convinced with our graphic design course package, get to us today! We are also offering a short-term course in graphic designing too. Right now, we are providing the best graphic designing training in Abu Dhabi and will continue to offer to as many students as to make their dreams come true. Most of the students who have got training from us have now been placed in top companies and working well by earning handsome packages. So, if you want to be one among them get to us today and master our certified graphic design courses in Abu Dhabi. Moreover, we are offering this course at a very reasonable price too. So, join the training sessions today and pave your way for a bright future ahead.

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