Accounting Courses in Abu Dhabi

Accounting & Finance Courses In Abu Dhabi

Get ready for a rewarding career in the financial sector. Our accounting and finance courses will teach you to,

  • Make business recommendations based on financial data
  • Create financial models to estimate the value of an organisation
  • Evaluate market trends and set financial policy of your business
  • Spot attractive investment opportunities before anyone else

All You Need to Know About Accounting & Finance Training in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The United Arab Emirates is set to become a global financial center. Abu Dhabi, which is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates already hosts many international banking and financial institutions. The primary objective of our accounting and finance training programs in Abu Dhabi is to present our students with a structured learning environment. These courses will help you,

  • Develop analytical abilities required to perform the duties at a global financial institution
  • Upskill in the state-of-the-art technologies for bringing out valuable information from data
  • Produce accurate reports for the management to consult during decision making process
  • Acquire the problem solving skills you need to excel in the finance and banking industry


List Of Accounting and Finance Courses in Abu Dhabi

Pursue our Accounting and Finance Courses to build a successful career in bookkeeping, financial analysis, auditing, etc. Listed below are the accounting and finance courses in Abu Dhabi,

Accounting & Finance Courses Duration Corporate Days Mode Of Training
Accounting for Non-Accountants 20 Hours 3 days Classroom/Online
Excel Accounting 35 hours 5 days Classroom/Online
Financial Accounting 20 Hours 3 days Classroom/Online
Focus 20 Hours 3 days Classroom/Online
Peachtree 20 Hours 3 days Classroom/Online
QuickBooks 20 Hours 3 days Classroom/Online
Sage 50 20 Hours 3 days Classroom/Online
Tally 20 Hours 3 days Classroom/Online
UAE VAT 8 Hours 3 days Classroom/Online


How Can Accounting & Finance Certifications Help Your Career?

A certification in accounting and finance will help you access better opportunities. You can also expect to have the following benefits,

  • Build a network of like minded professionals-You can get introduced to a lot of finance and accounting professionals through the certification classes.
  • Earn promotions-Add one of the accounting and finance certifications to your resume to receive that promotion you have been waiting for so long.
  • Gain salary hikes-Certifications give you extra points while negotiating a better salary from your employer. 
  • Secure your career-After certification, you can be assured of a career that is safe from lay offs and pay cuts.


Benefits of Accounting and Finance Certifications in UAE

Accounting and Finance certification will help you upskill and learn the latest techniques used by professionals. Other major benefits this certification are,

  • Every company needs bookkeepers and finance professionals. With a certification in the domain, a job is assured for you.
  • With your enhanced skill set, your work productivity and quality increases and thus your employer’s goodwill shoots up
  • You go through a series of activities during the course, helping you nurture the problem solving skills you need
  • Establish an independent career and start serving clients on your own


Accounting and Finance Career Path & Job Opportunities

The whole point of earning a certification is to improve your career. The following job opportunities are waiting for certified candidates,

  • Accountant
  • Revenue Agent
  • Finance manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Tax attorney specialist
  • Bookkeeper
  • Auditor 
  • Treasurer


What Will You Learn From Our Accounting Courses in UAE?

The accounting and finance course in Abu Dhabi is proven to teach you the following,

  • Analytical skills and research aptitude to seek out valuable information from financial data
  • Technical skills to keep up with the latest tools and techniques of the financial market
  • Make projections to forecast the future financial performance of enterprises 
  • Recommend strategies to cut costs and increase efficiency


Major Objectives of Our Accounting & Finance Training

The accounting and finance certification programs help you attain the following,

  • Mould efficient accountants and financial analysts with strong work ethics for the new age enterprises
  • Develop yourself into a detail oriented professional with team management and leadership skills
  • Nurture the accuracy in you to effectively handle numbers and extract valuable insights
  • Cultivate an ethical work culture and become recognised as a trustworthy professional


Why Choose The Time Training Center for Accounting and Finance Courses in Abu Dhabi, UAE?

In Abu Dhabi, The Time Training Center is recognised as one of the finest accounting and finance training center. Some of our core values are:

  • We always make sure to maintain our accounting and finance courses have the latest syllabus
  • A set of predetermined training goals are the guiding principles of our accounting and finance courses
  • Our well matured evaluation techniques updates the students about their progression
  • A group of highly experienced trainers who always turn training sessions into engaging group activities



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