Visual Basic Training in Abu Dhabi

Visual Basic Training In Abu Dhabi

An Overview of Visual Basic Course in Abu Dhabi

A Visual Basic Training in Abu Dhabi helps the students in learning to program the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and also to create applications for Excel, Access, and various other basic tutorials. Visual basic is also used for writing Microsoft Office scripts, conducting automating tasks and adding logics. It is one of the core languages of Microsoft that is used for building the web, desktop, and mobile applications. This course also outlines the fundamentals of the language such as conditional code, data types, operators, strings, and looping constructs.

To get enrolled in the Visual Basic Training in Abu Dhabi, contact Time Training Center. The organization is dedicated to providing the best VBA training course in Abu Dhabi to enhance the skills of the students. 

Course Methodology 

The course is conducted using different visual basic modules and sessions. 

Course Objectives 

The objective of this course is to provide complete knowledge of high-level programming language, i.e., visual basic to the students. 

Who Should Attend? 

People who want to enhance their skills in desktop applications, developer, mobile applications, visual basic and visual studio.

Topics Covered: 

  • What is Visual Basic?
  • Visual Basic syntax
  • Working with numbers, Boolean values, and dates
  • Using strings, words, and characters
  • Declaring variables and data types
  • Evaluating conditions with if, then, and else
  • Managing ordered data with arrays
  • Repeating blocks of code with loops
  • Managing application logic with modules 
  • Debugging and handling exceptions
  • Storing data with instance fields
  • Defining custom classes 

Course Duration: The duration of the course for beginners is 20 hours.

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