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Artificial Intelligence Training In Abu Dhabi

Overview of Artificial Intelligence Training in Abu Dhabi

“Artificial Intelligence is the future and the future is here!”

Artificial Intelligence has been innovating new tools and technologies that create powerful real-world applications. Artificial Intelligence courses are designed with hands-on learning through real-world projects covering several technologies.

The Artificial Intelligence course in Abu Dhabi covers in-demand AI concepts such as Python, natural language processing, data analysis, and more. Acquiring theoretical knowledge of data science tools and gaining exposure to AI business perspectives are significant today.

Time Training offers Artificial Intelligence training, a comprehensive industry-aligned study in data science, natural language processing, deep neural networks, and image processing. To meet today's demand for AI experts, we offer the best artificial intelligence programs in the market. 

How Does Artificial Intelligence Certification Help In Your Career?

As more and more companies realize the benefits AI can bring to them, the adoption of AI has increased dramatically. Hence the demand for AI professionals has skyrocketed in the past years. The World Economic Forum believes that by the end of 2025, AI and automation will power more than 97 million jobs in categories such as data analyst, AI, and ML specialists, IoT specialists, and digital transformation professionals.

There is a broad scope of AI in the fields such as Cybersecurity, Big data analysis, Home automation, Healthcare, Aviation, transport, and so on. The applications of AI are endless. Due to such growth, the demand for AI professionals is staggeringly high. Looking at the numbers, as per Payscale, the average salary of an AI Engineer is $125,591 per annum. That's why it is the perfect time to become an AI expert. To become an AI expert, you need to get AI certification. At Time Training Center, we provide vast arrays of AI and ML to help you kickstart your career in AI.

Although Artificial Intelligence certification can provide opportunities in many careers, some careers specifically require AI knowledge. Some examples of jobs in AI include: 

  • AI developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • User experience Engineer
  • Cybersecurity Engineer

What will you learn from our AI Training in Abu Dhabi?

Our training program is designed to develop your understanding of the Artificial Neural Network. We help you learn AI concepts, workflows, and business applications.

Time Training Center's Artificial Intelligence course is designed so that there are no prerequisites. Anyone irrespective of their educational background can study Artificial Intelligence at Time Training Center.

Our course provides the perfect blend of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. The course focuses on the practical implementation of advanced tools and models to help you learn Artificial Intelligence and solve real-life problems.

Throughout this course, you will learn how to implement various python libraries such as Tensorflow, Scikit Learn, essential Machine Learning techniques, and advanced concepts covering Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks. With our AI training in Abu Dhabi you’ll learn to: 

  • Build AI using Python
  • Understand the basic terminology of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Learn Python coding for information analytics.
  • Learn how to optimize AI in the real world
  • Build machine learning and data science projects
  • Solve Real-World Problems with AI
  • Gain exposure to AI business perspectives through case studies
  • Build your career as Machine Learning Researchers, AI Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, or Business Intelligence (BI) Developer
  • Gain expertise in various industry skills and technologies from Python, NLP, speech recognition, to advanced deep learning.
  • Grow your career in fields like AI, machine learning, and deep learning.


The Major objectives of our Artificial Intelligence course

  • Cover the fundamental concepts and techniques of Artificial Intelligence
  • Get acquainted with various libraries such as Keras, Tensorflow, Scikit learn, and so on
  • Apply basic principles of AI to recognize, model, and solve real-life problems
  • Build project to get hands-on experience


Who Can Pursue Our Artificial Intelligence Training in Abu Dhabi?

Anyone interested in the Artificial Intelligence Field can pursue our Artificial Intelligence training course.

  • Professional Seeking career changes
  • Freshers and Undergraduates
  • Professionals interested in the Tech field

Why choose Time Training for Artificial Intelligence Training? 

Time Training institute provides AI Training in Abu Dhabi for freshers and professionals who wish to advance their knowledge and skills on the AI domain. Here is why you should choose Time. We offer

  • Objective guidance for candidates.
  • Industry-leading professional trainers.
  • Hands-on experience with AI programming.  
  • Learning methods and examples of AI in daily life with business perspectives. 
  • Customized teaching methods for freshers and professionals. 
  • Flexible learning with affordable fees.

To enrol in our Artificial Intelligence Training in Abu Dhabi, Call us on 02 6713828 or Whatsapp on 055 8564000 


The objective of our course is to enable students to experience the real-world implementation of advanced tools and models of AI. The program is designed to give you in-depth knowledge of concepts required for Data Science, Python programming, and Machine Learning.


The following candidates can pursue our course: 

  • Anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Professionals in Analytics and Data science domains
  • Software professionals who are looking for a career switch
  • Graduates skilled in computer science, mathematics and data analysis.

An understanding of the fundamentals of Python programming and basic knowledge of statistics can be helpful to attend the course.

A career in the AI domain has good scope in the future. There has been a huge increase in the need for experts in the AI field.

We maintain a small and limited batch size to concentrate on every student for personal attention.

Graduates looking to build a career in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can pursue this course. Also, Developers aspiring to be an Artificial Intelligence Engineer and professionals who wish to harness AI skills can pursue our course.

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