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All You Need To Know About Python For Kids Training in Abu Dhabi

With text-based commands, intuitive programming style, built-in libraries, and many online resources, Python is one of the easiest yet influential programming languages for kids. Python can help your kids;

  • Turn their ideas into on-screen results. 
  • Create games, animations, solve problems, develop their apps, websites. 
  • Get a first-hand insight into robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. 

Unlike other programming languages like C++ or Java, Python is user-friendly, requires less line of code, and gives better performance.

Parents should understand that Python helps kids significantly with their learning and academic performance. The language fosters analytical thinking in the kids and encourages them to apply a structured and concise problem-solving approach. Thus, with creativity and Python knowledge, kids can create efficient code solutions and pave their way to a better future. Learning Python also helps with Mathematics, Logical Problem Solving, Core Soft Skills, and more.

Why Do Kids Learn Python in Abu Dhabi?

Coding is the fundamental skill of the 21st century. Today, the use of computers has increased beyond our expectations. The more computers we use, the more programmers we need to build programs. All the top-paying fields such as Finance, IT, AI, Robotics require programmers with extensive coding knowledge in their respected domain. As technology advances, so does the need for highly qualified computer programmers. Therefore, teaching your child to code is the best way to make your child's career future-proof.

However, there is a significant gap in the demands of the technology era and children's skills. Many schools do not cover coding in their syllabus. Your child might miss a golden opportunity to learn to code early in life. Time training center introduces your kids to the world of programming through our Python for Kids course. Your child will be better equipped with the demands of the modern world after completing our course. Enrol today.

Why is Python Good For Kids?

Guido Van Russom developed the Python language in the 1980s and ensured that the Python program resembled the English language. Unlike C++, Java, or PHP, Python has the most accessible syntax to learn. Hence, Python is a good starting point for kids to step into the programming world.

Python programming encourages creativity, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills in your child. When they try to code and fail, they get to solving errors, which promotes problem-solving. As their minds are still tender, whatever they learn at this age will stay with them for a lifetime.

They will rapidly progress into their career as compared to other children without the knowledge of python programming. By the time kids pass out from high school, they will have the necessary technical skills and soft skills (analytical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, project management). 

What are the Benefits Of Python For Kids Classes In Abu Dhabi?

  • High growth and demand
  • Promotes logical reasoning
  • Helps in problem-solving skills
  • Proper project management
  • Crisis handling
  • Ability to cope under stress
  • Increase competitive abilities

What Will, Your Child, Learn in This Course?

Our course covers all the fundamentals of Python language for kids. 

The course modules include:

  • Introduction to Python
  • Fundamental Coding blocks
  • Basic syntax
  • Loops
  • Variables
  • Events and actions
  • Behaviour 
  • Puzzle-solving

Major Objectives Of The Course:

  • Grasp basic Python syntax and learn to use it correctly
  • How to use a fundamental structure like loop, variables, functions
  • Draw shapes and patterns with the help of the python module
  • Final project based on concepts learned.

Start learning Python with us! Enrol your child today in our Python for Kids training.

Why Choose Time Training Center For Python For Kids Training?

At Time's Training Center, our mission is to bridge the gap between coding and kids. We want to encourage young minds to learn to code and create a better future for themselves. With 24 years of industry experience and lots of experimentation, We ensure that we cover every vital information in course content. Nothing is left uncovered.

The course provides a gentler introduction to the world of Python programming. Kids will learn the Python language by performing exercises instead of advancing directly into coding. The course content is highly interactive and exclusively developed by trained industry experts with over decades of experience. These groups of experts are trained specifically in teaching at the kid's level. The curriculum of this course makes it enjoyable for children to start learning. Also, our summer camp for kids program help to build productivity and creativity in children through fun and thrill.

As the attention spans of kids can be very low, this course tackles the problem. Our training holds the attention of your child for a long time. They forget that they are studying anything and they enjoy the process. In this course of over 20 hours, children will learn the fundamentals of Python programming. The course covers everything needed to get your child interested in Python. 

Furthermore, we also provide live assistance for parents who need technical support 24/7.

Who Can Pursue Our Python For Kids Course?

The best suitable candidates for taking our Python for Kids course are:

  • Children between 8-15 age


The Python for Kids training is 20 hours long. However, as the course is self-paced, the time taken to complete may depend on the child's capability
Python is a kid-friendly programming language. Hence kids as young as eight years old can start learning Python
As the program is wholly geared towards kids and beginners, there are no prerequisites. Your child will learn everything from scratch. However, as the training is for kids, Parental assistance is required. Please assist your child in learning
Yes. Upon successful completion of the course, the children receive a certification of completion. The certificate is shareable

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