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Overview of Scratch Coding For Kids in Abu Dhabi, UAE

What do you think when you hear the word Coding? Your mind might automatically wander towards the complex coding languages used by professionals. However, the technology of the 21st century has changed the meaning of computer coding. Children today get exposed to new technologies early on that reconceptualizes their communication and critical thinking. Learning to code from a young age prepares them for future careers and builds excellent creative plus logical skills. 

Scratch is a programming language designed for kids which is intuitive and interactive. Scratch comprises a visual programming language established by MIT Media Lab in 2007. It is aimed at building numerous games, stories, and animations. Children can construct and share their Scratch creations globally with anyone. Easy to learn and fun to create, this Scratch course for kids can hone coding skills in your kid right from the beginning. 

Why Scratch Coding Course for Kids in UAE?

The era of digitization worldwide has made kids well-acquainted with the Internet and new technologies. Scratch coding for kids is the path towards standing out from their competition and learning something new. Conventional programming languages like C++ and Python require the person to write a code manually. Nevertheless, the Scratch programming encourages young minds to build hands-on interactive programs and games with code block connections.

All you have to do is give your children training with our scratch coding classes for kids, and within no time, they can become a pro in Coding. Scratch coding shapes young minds to cultivate reasoning and foster creativity. It also assists them in working collaboratively with their peers, which is one of the most vital skills of the 21st century. Scratch coding will help your child make the best of his screen time and learn something meaningful. 

If you are a new-age parent, then you must groom your kid's potential with Scratch children's programming and render them tech-savvy. Learning it will master their minds in computer coding from an early age. 

How Time Training's Scratch Coding Classes for Kids Help Improve Skills?

As programming becomes increasingly crucial for kids to learn, Scratch coding classes will speed up the process of making your child a coder. Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi is one of the best institutes to learn Scratch programming language for kids. Our goal is to assist your child in learning Scratch coding in the easiest way possible.

Our Time Training Center experts have years of industry experience and remain on the top in the programming language field. They will provide your kids with stellar hands-on practice and step-by-step guidance. Our teaching methods are specially designed to make young kids learn Coding from Scratch. This course will help your kid to have early exposure to programming. It can prove to be a game-changer for them. 

Scratch Programming for Kids

Learning a programming language like Scratch from a young age helps a child develop his creativity, computational thinking, and mental ability. Also our summer camp for kids help to boost confidence and productivity in children.  

As mentioned earlier, Scratch has a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop coding blocks boosting visual learning. This method is highly famous among various coding languages of children. The children group drag and release these colored blocks to gain immediate coding results. It aids them in creating movements, adding sounds, changing scenarios, quickly creating animations and games. 

What are the Benefits of Learning Scratch Programming for Kids from an Early Age?

Scratch programming for kids encourages your child to develop logical thinking from a tender age. There are numerous benefits of making your kid learn Scratch coding. Some of them are:

  • Attain problem-solving skills
  • Develop structural understanding
  • Learn organizations skills
  • Learn management skills
  • Grasp resolution skills
  • Cultivate critical thinking skills
  • Enhance creativity
  • Become tech-savvy
  • Learn to design adventurous games, animations, and much more


Why Choose Time Training Center for Scratch Programming for Kids in Abu Dhabi, UAE? 

At Time Training Center, our professionals will provide the best learning experience to your toddler. Unlike other coding classes where children are provided just a sheet of paper and expected to follow instructions, our training center does a lot more than that. Our interactive classes and inquiry-based instructions will help your child take his early coding world steps. 

It doesn't matter if your kids are five years or eight years. We assure to cater to every Scratch coding need of your children. Your kids will grasp the knowledge of Scratch coding with our four-step comprehensive approach of planning, designing, Coding, and presenting the Scratch activities. choose us and experience an excellent Scratch coding for kids to see the differences.


Our center’s Scratch children’s programming course is ideal for children from 5 to 8 years old. Shaping their young minds with this coding course will help them to develop their STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) from an early age. 

It will also make them ready to learn technology-related topics in their later educational life. This early coding exposure is sure to hone their minds to tech-efficient knowledge. 
If you are looking for a fun and quick way to teach Scratch coding to your child, then there is no better alternative than our institute. This Scratch coding certification is a 24-hour long course encompassing state-of-the-art exercises. We also offer flexible training schedules to cater to your needs. Even parents can learn Scratch for kids if they wish to practice with them at home. 
Yes. Your child can learn Coding from Scratch with our all-inclusive training. After completing the course, we will offer a course completion certificate to your child. 

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