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Coding For Kids In Abu Dhabi


All You Need to Know About Coding for Kids in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Develop programming fundamentals in your child, equip them with technical knowledge to build digital products through a coding course for kids. The course will help your child to:

  • Develop superior Mathematical, Problem-Solving ability
  • Boost school & academic performance
  • Learn real-life skills through code
  • Understand programming from basics to advanced level
  • Code in Python to develop applications and solve challenges


Coding Course For Kids To Learn Coding & Create Software Applications Of Tomorrow

Today, technology is evolving at a revolutionary speed. The market is experiencing the rise of futuristic technologies such as Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. With that comes the increasing importance of being able to code. Gone are the days when only adults could program. Fast track 2021, kids today are growing in a digitally enabled environment. Learning to code can help kids discover the whole new side of technology. 

Kids can communicate with the computer, transform their ideas into reality and create fantastic computer software, applications, websites, and other intelligent solutions. Time Training Center bridges the gap between kids and sound technical knowledge through our coding course for kids. Coding helps in promoting logical thinking, boost confidence and creativity in the kids. Not just that, coding helps the kid put small pieces together and solve more enormous challenges.

Why Coding Course For Kids?

A computer cannot understand human language. It has a language of its own called Computer Programming or Coding. With the help of computer programming, you code instructions for the computer in the coding language and execute the code to perform a task. As technology advances, having coding knowledge can do wonders for your child's future career.

When your child starts learning computer language at an early age, he can understand how technology works and what's going on behind the scenes. Coding helps your child plan and organize his thoughts effectively and makes him a logical and critical thinker. Coding improves analytical thinking, which is one of the most sought-after skills by employers. Coding can provide your child with ample opportunities to create innovative things. Also we conduct summer camp for kids which help them acquire creative skills to boost their confidence level.

How Time Training Coding Classes For Kids Helps Them Improve Their Skills?

Time Training Center brings aboard a state-of-the-art coding course for kids. Our coding classes will teach kids to code on three different levels- Kiddie Coder 1, Kiddie Coder 2 & Kiddie Coder 3.

Kiddie Coder 1 - 24 Hours

The primary level of the course is Kiddie Coder 1. Under this module, our instructors will cover primary graphical, block-level programming languages such as Scratch. The language training helps foster basic analytical skills, computer-use skills and provides a taste of actual coding to kids.

Kiddie Coder 2 - 24 Hours

The second module of our course is Kiddie Coder 2. Under this module, our instructors will help your kid develop problem-solving skills and write the basic code. We will cover the basics of Python programming language and advanced level of Scratch here. Kids can also learn about IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) under the Kiddie Coder 2 module. Some of the popular IDEs are Visual Studio, Atom, Eclipse, and more.

Kiddie Coder 3 - 30 Hours

Upon completing Kiddie Coder 1 & 2 modules, the final stage is module 3. Under this, we will introduce front-end technologies such as HTML, WordPress, and CSS to kids. They can also develop a graphical user interface (GUIs) with a Python-based Tkinter library. The module will equip the kids with time-management skills, communication skills, and programming to create a website.

What are the Benefits of Learning to Code at an Early Age?

As digitalization is on the rise in many areas of life, Knowledge of Coding has become essential. Behind the most sophisticated technologies such as Amazon Alexa, Smart Home appliances lie a curious programmer with coding knowledge. Programming is just simply not about learning to write code. When you encourage your child to learn coding at an early age, you are indirectly helping in many areas of life, such as : 

  • Promoting their problem-solving skills
  • Helping them make better decisions by promoting analytical thinking
  • Growing their computational abilities
  • Improving their confidence
  • Promoting innovation
  • Giving your child a competitive edge
  • Helping them improve their time management skills
  • Improve their computer use skills


Our Coding Course For Kids Encompass:

  • User-friendly and intuitive learning experience 
  • Certified teachers specifically trained to foster learning in children
  • Gamified learning to make coding exciting and fun
  • Backend and Frontend code development in Python, HTML, CSS, and more


Why Choose Time Training Center For Coding For Kids in Abu Dhabi, UAE? 

Our mission is to make programming easily accessible for children at the Time Training Center. After a lot of experimentation over the years, we have found a way to make learning interactive yet exciting for your children. We want to support and create a strong base for future generations in programming. 

By the time your child completes the course, he will understand basic and advanced programming concepts. Your child will be able to design GUIs, create games, websites using HTML, CSS, and much more. Moreover, our program comes with actionable worksheets, ebooks, and checklists to help them grasp concepts by solving fun exercises as a bonus. Please note that we update our short courses at regular intervals. Hence you will always have up-to-date information available.


The Coding for Kids program is geared towards newbies and beginners in the field. Hence, your child does not need prior knowledge of coding is necessary before taking the coding course
The total duration of this course is 78 hours. The coding course is self-paced, meaning you can take it anytime, anywhere. The time required to complete the course may vary from learner to learner.
Absolutely. Upon completing Coding for Kids training, your child will receive the certificate of completion. You can share it with others to showcase your abilities or proof of learning.
In the digital era, where most of us work with computers almost regularly, coding knowledge is of prime importance. Imagine being able to understand what's happening inside your computer? 

Your child will solve technical issues and understand how the computer works by learning how to code. Furthermore, Coding promotes logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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