Coding Classes for Kids in Abu Dhabi ,Coding for Kids in Abu Dhabi

Coding for Kids In Abu Dhabi

Nurture your child’s creativity with Time Training Center’s Coding Course for kids in Abu Dhabi. By the end of our course, your child will;

  • Learn the fundamentals of coding. 
  • Enhance computational thinking.
  • Boost school and academic performance.
  • Foster creativity and problem-solving skills.

Overview of Coding Classes for Kids in Abu Dhabi

In the increasingly digital world, parents want their kids to become computer literate. Learning to code is not just about setting up for career opportunities in the future, but it also provides a host of soft skills and other benefits to your kid. Coding is, without a doubt, one of the most straightforward ways for children to boost their school and academic performances. At Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi, we provide a finely crafted Coding Course that nurtures your child’s well-honed skills such as creativity, emotional intelligence, research skills, collaboration, decision-making and more.

Why is the Coding Course for Kids Important?

In today's digital age, technology is at the forefront of every industry. Learning to code at a young age can prepare kids for the future. Enrolling your children in Coding classes is a great way to develop their team-building and communication skills.  As a result of having well-tuned communication skills, children will be able to navigate their social environments, collaborate with others, and perform well academically. The Coding For Kids course has many benefits, including;

  • Develop confidence and a healthy self-image. 
  • Builds digital literacy in children
  • Encourages persistence 
  • Boosts creativity and teamwork


Why Should Your Child Get the Coding Course Certification?

The Coding For Kids Certification can help your child develop a deeper understanding of coding concepts and improve their coding skills. A certification can also help your child in their future academic and career pursuits. In addition, Coding For Kids Certification can:

  • Build a strong foundation in coding 
  • Understand the concepts of programming
  • Boost computational thinking in Kids
  • Enhance Creativity and problem-solving skills
  • Boost self-confidence and logical reasoning. 


Coding For Kids Training Outcomes And Benefits For Children

Coding for kids training can provide children with valuable skills that can help them in their future academic and career pursuits. It can also enhance their understanding of the world around them and prepare them for the ever-evolving digital landscape. Here are some of the outcomes and benefits that can be achieved through online coding for kids:

  • Develop problem-solving skills: Coding requires students to think critically and solve problems. As they work on coding projects, they learn how to break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts.
  • Foster creativity: Coding encourages creativity, as students are free to create their own interactive stories, animations, and games. They can also share their projects with others and collaborate on coding projects.
  • Boost self-confidence: As students gain Computer Coding skills, they gain confidence in their abilities. They feel empowered to tackle new coding challenges and share their creations with others.
  • Learn to work collaboratively: Coding projects often involve working in teams or pairs, which helps students learn how to communicate effectively, share ideas, and work together to achieve a common goal.
  • Develop computational thinking: Coding helps students develop computational thinking skills, which involve breaking down complex problems into smaller, more manageable parts and using algorithms to solve them.
  • Prepare for future careers: As technology continues to evolve, coding skills are becoming increasingly important in many industries. Coding training can help prepare students for future careers in fields such as computer programming, game development, and animation.


Coding Classes For Kids Prerequisites

Coding for Kids aims to introduce Coding to children from an early age. Hence, your child does not need prior knowledge of coding is necessary before taking the coding course.

Coding for Kids Course Outline

Coding For Kids Course Levels Programming Language & Platform Course Outcome Course Duration
Kiddie Coder- Level 1 Scratch Ability to Develop 3d Animations
Ability to Develop 3d games
24 Hours
Kiddie Coder- Level 2 Basic Python
Scratch Advance
Ability to create a console application with small games 24 Hours

Kiddie Coder- Level 3

& WordPress
Ability to create their own website

30 Hours

Advanced Python
Will be able to develop GUI games or Apps

Coding for Kids Training Options

Choose the best training options to suit your needs

Training Options Features
Live Virtual Training
  • 21 Contact Hour classes
  • Authorized Instructor-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
Classroom Training
  • Instructor-led Classes
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Lecture-Based Presentation
  • Video and Audio Inserts
  • Simulated Exams and Exam Practice

Three Steps To Get The Coding Course For Kids Certification

Time Training Center is one of the finest training Centers offering a variety of finely crafted short courses in Abu Dhabi. Our impressive syllabus and expert trainers will help in developing coding skills in your child. Here are the three steps to getting Coding Certification;

  • Enrol in the Coding For Kids Certification Course.
  • Attend the Coding For Kids classes regularly.
  • Get certification in Coding at the end of the class.


Why Choose Time Training Center For Kids Coding Course in Abu Dhabi? 

At Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi, we will provide the best learning experience to your toddler. our interactive classes and inquiry-based instructions will help your child take his early steps towards coding. Our experienced coding tutors will help your children to code and develop persistence, communication, creativity, and higher-order thinking. 





The Coding for Kids course offered at the Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi is designed to teach children the basics of coding and computer programming in a fun and interactive way. Students will learn how to create simple programs, develop their problem-solving skills, and apply computational thinking to real-world problems.

The major objectives of our Coding Course For Kids include;

  • Introduce children to the fundamental concepts of coding.
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Encourage creativity
  • Foster collaboration and teamwork
  • prepare children for the digital future
  • Build confidence
  • Promote computational thinking

The Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi offers classroom mode of training for the Coding for Kids Course. The course training is conducted in a physical classroom setting, where kids can learn from an instructor and interact with their peers

The Coding for Kids Course offered by the Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi can help children develop a range of skills that are valuable in many areas of life, including problem-solving, critical thinking, and computational thinking. At Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi, we provide a fun and interactive way for children to develop skills in kids.

Yes, Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi offers training by industry-led experts with years of experience in Coding. Our highly qualified and industrially trained instructors will train their best talents onto your kids.

Learning to code from a very young age will encourage children to develop logical thinking. Your child will have numerous benefits  in learning to code. Some of these benefits include;

  • Promoting problem-solving skills
  • Promoting analytical thinking
  • Enhancing computational abilities
  • Improving self-confidence
  • Improving persistence and time management skills
  • Improving digital literacy

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