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Time Training's IELTS test centre is located behind City Seasons, Electra Street in Abu Dhabi. It gives you easy access to our open location.

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Our IELTS test centre in Abu Dhabi is a brand new testing venue with infrastructure that meets global standards. You can be assured that your mind can be at ease when you test with us.

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We provide support to register for your IELTS test making the process simple and hassle- free.

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With Time Training, you can avail of IELTS mock tests and customised study programs to make your preparation effortless and obtain high grades.

IELTS Exam types available at Time Training

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IELTS on Computer - General Exam 1370 AED Book Now
IELTS on Computer - Academic Exam 1370 AED Book Now
IELTS on Paper - General Exam 1270 AED Book Now
IELTS on Paper - Academic Exam 1270 AED Book Now

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We provide free IELTS study materials for all four sections of the IELTS test that will assist you in obtaining your desired score.


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Our custom-built IELTS test environment lets you familiarise with the IELTS on computer exam.

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Have no worries about the registration process. Simply provide your information, and we will support you in booking the test.


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We provide step-by-step guidance over the phone to assist you in registering for the IELTS Test.


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I would like to thank Time Training Center for the pleasant services given for IELTS registration. The staff and instructors were extremely kind and helpful and guided me through registration. I must say it was my best decision to choose this institute. Everyone was accommodating throughout. I highly recommend this institute.

Hussain Abbas IELTS Edoxi Training

IELTS Edoxi Training

I would like to express my gratitude for the services I received from Time Training Centre. The staff and instructors were very kind, helpful, and knowledgeable throughout this registration process with IELTS. It was one of my best decisions to choose them because everyone here made it to make me satisfied throughout the registration process. They have done everything possible to make us all happy.

Hussain Abbas IELTS Edoxi Training

IELTS Edoxi Training

I am very grateful and happy that I could easily register for my IELTS exams with Time Training Center. The staff members were all so kind, patient, understanding, and helpful in assisting me throughout the registration process. It made a difference because they cared not only for me but also helped other students who were struggling or nervous like me during such times. They guided us through every step from approaching them until we received confirmation emails after successfully registering ourselves into an institute.

Hussain Abbas IELTS Edoxi Training

IELTS Edoxi Training

Everything You Need To Know About The IELTS Test

What is IELTS?

IELTS or the International English Language Testing System is a world-renowned test for assessing your ability to comprehend the English language. The English proficiency test is owned and managed by the British Council, Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP Education Australia.

The IELTS is a test used to assess your language competence if you want to study, work, or move to an English-speaking nation. Choose between the Academic and General versions of the exam if you wish to register for the IELTS.

What is the difference between IELTS Academic and IELTS General? Let us find out.

IELTS Academic Exam

Required for university or college admission.

The tasks’ content, context, and purpose are different from General Training.

Timing allocation, length of written responses, and reporting of scores are the same as IELTS General.

The Listening and Speaking sections are the same as IELTS General.

IELTS General Exam

Intended for career and immigration purposes

The tasks’ content, context, and purpose are different from Academic Training.

Timing allocation, length of written responses and reporting of scores are the same as IELTS Academic.

Listening and Speaking sections are the same as IELTS Academic.

Why Take The IELTS?

IELTS is usually taken for the following purposes:

To Study abroad: If you're a student who wishes to study in one of the 140 countries where English is the primary language.

Work abroad:You may also use the IELTS Test to get a job in any of the 140 countries where employers and professional bodies accept the IELTS score, including engineering, law, nursing, medicine, accountancy, teaching, and other fields.

Immigration: You must take IELTS if you want to migrate to an English-speaking country
Universities and employers recognise IELTS in 140 countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US and the UK. If you are looking for an authorised IELTS exam registration centre in Abu Dhabi, Time Training Centre is the best choice to make your IELTS registration hassle-free.

Benefits of taking the IELTS test

The IELTS test is widespread globally as a second language marker of linguistic competence. People take the IELTS exam for various reasons:

  • To develop English language skills.
  • To gain accurate knowledge in English
  • The job prospects that IELTS provide are almost infinite. Several governments, universities, employers, and other organisations accept IELTS certifications worldwide.
  • IELTS is necessary for visa applications, immigration paperwork, and job applications in foreign countries.
  • Taking the IELTS exam will help you to set clear goals and motivate you to study harder.

Taking the IELTS Training before the Exam offers you added advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will enhance your own set of abilities, such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking English, with the aid of professional trainers.

  • The major advantage of taking IELTS Training is getting thorough study material for exam preparation. With that, you will obtain a high score on the IELTS examination.
  • You will improve your speech by practicing with your fellow students.
  • You can clarify your doubts with our trainers. It is always better to have a trainer who can provide you with accurate information rather than searching for answers yourself.
  • Mock tests are an excellent method to check your present preparation level and get used to the exam system. The mock tests will also teach you about the test timings and provide feedback from the instructor.
  • During the IELTS training sessions, you will learn how to use your most effective methods for solving problems in less time. You will also be taught many strategies and hints that can help you during the exam.

You can book the British Council IELTS test at the Time Training Centre in Abu Dhabi. We are officially approved as the British Council IELTS test venue to conduct IELTS tests.

  1. A valid ID

    When you take the IELTS registration with the British Council for the IELTS test, you must bring your passport. On the exam day, you will be required to present your passport that was used to schedule an IELTS session. Please double-check that it is valid at the time of reservation and on the test day. If you're under 18, your parents will also need to complete the Parent consent for candidates under 18 form. Anyone under the age of 16 should not attempt IELTS.

  2. A bank card

    You will need a bank card to pay online for booking the test or pay in cash.

There are two modules for IELTS, which are IELTS General and IELTS Academic. Both these modules will check your English language proficiency in the following areas:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Once your test date is booked, we will acknowledge you on your registered phone number. You can book a slot online at your preferred time on the given date for the Speaking test. If you fail to choose a slot within the stated time, a time slot will be automatically allocated to you.

You can book the British Council IELTS on Computer test online at our webpage. If needed, you can request exam booking assistance on the website. You can also choose to visit our centre or reach us at +971 2 6713828 or message on WhatsApp 055 8564000. Being the proud owner of the British Council authorised IELTS test venue, we make sure you get the best of everything.

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