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We Deliver High-Quality Education and Professional Training Programs!

Time Training Center is a leading educational institute in Abu Dhabi. We have over 28 years of expertise in imparting education and training programs. Time Training Center (TTC) was then known as Aptech Computer Education. We grew up slowly but steadily, establishing our brand name as a comprehensive and high-quality Management & Computer Training Center in Abu Dhabi.

Time Training Center is accredited to the Abu Dhabi Center for Technical Vocational Education & Training (ACTVET), specializing in computer and management training programs. We gained strong loyalty among corporate companies and other associations through our holistic and practical teaching approach. Establishing our credentials in professional training and job-oriented short courses, we seek to expand our services in Abu Dhabi and serve many professionals and businesses with our futuristic technology and management programs.

We gained strong loyalty from corporate companies and other associations through our holistic and practical teaching approach.


We want to make a difference in your life by providing affordable and accessible training programs that lead to an employment outcome.

Our Vision

Become a leading institute in Abu Dhabi in IT and management education, fostering professional competencies with flexible and tailored training programs at affordable prices. We want to offer tailor-made courses aligned to individual needs, whether for work or education.

Our Mission

We are committed to delivering world-class professional courses to individuals and businesses. We work with due diligence to ensure that all the courses provided meet the current job market requirements. Therefore, we partner with reputable entities and deliver excellence in all our services.

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    We hold on the fundamental values and the courage to act on them to foster a teaching and learning environment of academic integrity.

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    We value the interactive, cooperative, participatory nature of learning. Therefore, we respect every student and consider their diverse opinions and ideas.

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    We are committed to provide the knowledge seekers a seamless experience when interacting with us online or offline and ensure every part of the experience is positive.

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    We are always developing and using creative methods to deliver training that helps to drive growth in learners by thinking outside the box.

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    We develop a strong sense of professionalism in training our students, so that every trainer focuses on the critical elements of attitude, behavior, and communication.

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    We establish clear and transparent standards to support fairness in our interactions with students, faculty and clients.


I believe Education is the most powerful weapon that can transform the world. We create an environment for effective teaching-learning by encouraging the students and faculty to nurture their intellectual curiosity and skills. Our professional courses and short courses are specifically designed by experts to provide individuals with the necessary skills to meet the competency at the workplace. Time Training Center strives to make a difference in your life by providing a world-class educational experience. Our focus is to provide the knowledge and skills to students so that they are recognized globally as well as become socially responsible.

Sharafudhin Mangalad

Managing Director - Time Training


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