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We bridge the competency gap and help your employees to develop in the right areas.

At Time Training Center, our corporate training programs are customised for companies and their employees to gain skills and knowledge around specific topics, from finance to digital marketing, leadership to project management, and business strategy.


Invest in your own success by learning our in-demand skills. At Time Training Center, we enhance your employees' skills with customised corporate training courses. Our ROI for you is to create a workplace that is flexible and ready for change. We are one of the leading corporate training companies in Abu Dhabi offering training on over 200+ courses, which includes some of the following courses.

  • Advanced Financial Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Language and Communication
  • Networking and System Administration
  • Cyber Security
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Cloud Computing

Our Novel Features to Empower Your Workforce

At Time Training Center, we have top features to help make your employees’ corporate training experience a success. We create interactive and engaging Corporate Training Solutions for clients across all industries.

Proficient Trainers

Our Trainers will assess your workforce by the skills to close competency gaps and train them to perform better in all spheres of life–personal and professional.

Over 100+ Courses

We provide a selection of over 100 on-demand courses to choose the best course that fit your company's needs and budget.

Hands-On Learning

Our Corporate Trainings are not simply on theory but on the practical aspects of it. You will be given real-world exposure to critical aspects of the work.

Promised ROI

Our comprehensive and practical mode of teaching assures you a great ROI (Return On Investment), increased retention, and enhanced engagement.

Custom Training

Our custom corporate training programs are designed based on your organization’s needs and our course catalog offerings.

Group and Blended Training

Our group and blended programs are ideal, whether you mean to provide a leadership development program for managers or a professional success program for new hires.

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Our Accreditations

We are accredited by local and international bodies, including:


Improve Cost-Effectiveness

Hiring new staff is an expensive and time-consuming task. We can train your existing employees to build expertise by cutting costs.

Sustain Employee Retention

Our training can improve your employees’ engagement, which helps them to see futuristic growth, resulting in high retention.

Eliminate Skill Gaps

Team training helps employees eliminate the workforce experience gap. Our corporate training can help your team build up a talent pool of skills.

Boost Employee Morale

Our strong employee training program is a strategy to improve employee morale and to create a sense of value within.

Enhance Operational Efficiency

Our training gives the company and employees the capability to reinvent themselves and support business goals.

Reduce Absenteeism

Improving workplace satisfaction and engagement in your company can decrease employee absenteeism.

“Happy employees lead to happy customers, which leads to more profits.”

-Vaughn Aust

Our Corporate Trainers

Maninder Kaur

Communication Skills Trainer

Rupam Bhattacharjee

Data Analytics Trainer

Tasnym Suhail Siddiqui

Communication Specialist

Daljeet Kaur

Soft Skills Trainer

Viswanathan AG

Sr. IT Trainer

Shahista Tabassum

Technical Trainer

Rahul Kumar

Vertualisation & Cyber Security Trainer

Mithun Chakkaleri

Autodesk Product Trainer

Bhagya Azariah

Corporate Communication Trainer

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

-Benjamin Franklin

Are You Ready To Empower Your Workforce and Transform Your Organisation?


We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you some more information about what Time Training Center's Corporate Training Solutions offers you in Abu Dhabi.

What is Corporate Training?

Corporate training provides learners with the knowledge and skills they need to perform their jobs very well. Therefore, it is critical to the success of any organisation. Employee training is the L & D (Learning and Development) or talent team's responsibility in the larger companies and the Human Resources (HR) department in smaller organizations. These teams identify training needs, developing training programs, and making them available for employees.

Will you provide customised corporate training for my company in Abu Dhabi?

Yes. We understand that every business and organization in Abu Dhabi is different, and pre-packaged training programs do not work for everyone. Our client-focused approach allows us to design bespoke training solutions customized to deliver the results you need.

What are the delivery methods for your Corporate Training in Abu Dhabi?

One size rarely fits all, which is why we deliver the training you need in the style that suits your business. We offer corporate tailored training in the classroom, the boardroom, the lab, on-site or online. Our professional staff in Abu Dhabi will also analyze your needs and develop training in the best format for you.

Will you provide corporate training at our location in Abu Dhabi?

Yes. We will provide employee training at a time and a place that is most convenient for your team. We can deliver corporate training programs at our Corporate Learning Center in Abu Dhabi, at your place of business or offsite, at a venue of your choice.

What are the benefits of taking Time Training Center's Corporate Training Program?

Our corporate training program in Abu Dhabi is based on all the basic and advanced technologies that today’s companies prefer. Most of the companies nowadays prefer their employees to have the skills that they can implement in their job to increase productivity. Corporate training programs help employees to get a job with decent salaries.

Our employee training in Abu Dhabi is designed for everyone and ambitious go-getters who want to occupy a prominent position in the company or want high knowledge exposure, which helps give presentations at multi-national conferences. Our corporate training programs also incorporate recognized business practices and redirect additional training capital into core business solutions.

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