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Microsoft Courses In Abu Dhabi

Turnaround your career with Microsoft courses in Abu Dhabi. These courses will help you to,

  • Utilise Microsoft productivity tools to systematise processes
  • Conveniently integrate the efforts of different teams
  • Make use of the huge library of templates available
  • Harnessing the power of automation to cut costs

All You Need to Know About Microsoft Training in Abu Dhabi

Organisations around the world use Microsoft tools to enhance their productivity. Learning one of these technologies can provide great mileage to your career. You can access Microsoft training programs of superior quality in Abu Dhabi at Time Training Center. Our courses will help you to,

  • Acquire the necessary Microsoft skills to stay independent at your workplace
  • Learn to manipulate data and absorb valuable insights from it using Microsoft Excel
  • Create informative slideshows using Microsoft PowerPoint to help decision makers
  • Use Microsoft collaboration tools to connect with your team and share your work


Microsoft Courses in Abu Dhabi

Here are the top Microsoft Courses in Abu Dhabi,

Microsoft Office Courses Hours Corporate Days Modes of Training
MS Office Basic Level 20 hours 3 Days Classroom/Online
MS Office Advanced Level 30 hours 5 Days Classroom/Online
MS Excel Basic 10 hours 1 Day Classroom/Online
MS Excel Intermediate 15 hours 1 Day Classroom/Online
MS Excel Advanced 20 hours 2 Days Classroom/Online
MS Power Point Basic Level 6 hours 1 Day Classroom/Online
MS Power Point Advanced Level 6 hours 1 Day Classroom/Online
MS Word Basic Level 5 hours 1 Day Classroom/Online
MS Word Advanced Level 10 hours 1 Day Classroom/Online
MS Outlook Basic to Advanced Level 6 hours 1 Day Classroom/Online
MS Access Basic Level 6 hours 1 Day Classroom/Online
MS Access Advanced Level 20 hours 2 Days Classroom/Online
Microsoft Office 365 Fundamentals 6 hours 1 Days Classroom/Online

How Can Microsoft Certifications Help Your Career?

As Microsoft software packages are the preferred choice for many enterprises. Your career can gain in the following ways if you have a Microsoft certification,

  • Get shortlisted-While shortlisting resumes for a position, what human resource managers look for is a distinguishing factor like a certification.
  • Move up in your organisation-Having a certification among your credentials is an indication that you have invested time and money to upskill yourself. It is a huge merit when being considered for a promotion.
  • Gain pay hikes-Upskilling and gaining a certification is the way to go if you want a salary hike.
  • Safeguard your livelihood-Adding certifications to your profile in periodic intervals is the best way to demonstrate your updated skills.


Benefits of Microsoft Certifications

Your career can gather perks like the ones listed below if you add a Microsoft certification to your profile,

  • Landing your first job can be extremely easy as Microsoft skills are demanded across the board in industries
  • You will find yourself having greater liberty to change jobs and join new sectors of the industry
  • Be recognised as a skilled professional at your workplace
  • Earn satisfaction from upward mobility in your career as you achieve goals


Microsoft Career Path & Job Opportunities

As one of the most sought after skills for white-collar workers, Microsoft skills can get you a job relatively fast. Mentioned beneath are the list of job roles you can accomplish with this certification,

  • Financial Analyst
  • Accountant
  • PowerPoint Designer
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Document Controller
  • HR Assistant


What Will You Learn From Our Microsoft Courses?

Our Microsoft training courses are perfect for people looking to gain the following abilities,

  • Drafting elegant documents with Microsoft Word using templates, formatting, commands, etc.
  • Recording, analysing and manipulating large chunks of data using Microsoft Excel
  • Create simple but unique slideshows and infographics using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Free up resources by automating many of the mundane tasks with the help of Microsoft Office tools


Major Objectives of Our Microsoft Training

Enumerated below are the goals Time Training Center wish to achieve with the Microsoft training programs,

  • Train fresh graduates and professionals to be part of productive members of the workforce
  • Significantly raise the productivity of organisations by imparting fresh skills to the employees
  • Create successful businesses by establishing happy workforces, providing them the best possible training
  • Boost job satisfaction by helping trainees achieve their professional goals


Why Choose The Time Training Center for Microsoft Courses in Abu Dhabi?

Among Abu Dhabi's Microsoft training centres, Time Training Center is recognized for its excellence. Our core values are:

  • Detailed training in MS Office suite is provided by our expert trainers who will make sure that you grasp even the smallest details of the applications
  • Experience-based learning is at the core of our courses because we want them to learn through practice
  • We have a great deal of experience engaging passive groups of students through our trainers
  • The trainees' progress is tracked using an ingenious appraisal system


List Of Microsoft Courses in Abu Dhabi

Browse Through All Our Microsoft Courses and Choose the Best Course that Suits Your Needs. Here are the Microsoft Courses in Abu Dhabi,

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