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Power BI Course In Abu Dhabi

Learn how to work with Power BI's Data, Model, and Report views. Here is what you will learn by the end of the Power BI course in Abu Dhabi

  • Understand Power BI concepts from basics
  • Learn how to create customized visuals
  • Experiment, fix, and present data quickly 
  • Learn to build rich, visual analytic reports
  • Get ACTVET approved Power BI Certification

All You Need To Know About Power BI Training in Abu Dhabi

Business Intelligence today is changing the future! Big Data is thriving around us in various forms, thus making companies rely significantly on data-driven intelligence. With 2.5 quintillion bytes of data produced daily, organizations are investing big in data analytics solutions intending to accomplish business goals. Business Intelligence (BI) is one such mechanism. Organizations worldwide are on a hunt for professionals who can effectively use Business Intelligence tools for deriving intelligence from analytical data and further aid prudent decision-making. 

Today, Power BI is capturing the market and helping data analysts and scientists draw valuable insights from raw data. Professionals who can process structured/unstructured data, convert it into digestible insights, and improvise business workflows on the move are in high demand. With a high-growth work profile and a lucrative salary of over a whopping $88,000, professionals are turning to Power BI Certification to upskill and join the data forces of the future. 

Get to know about Microsoft Power BI Training

Power BI is a high-end analytical service by Microsoft designed especially for core business analytics. It was initially created by Ron George with the name "Project Crescent" in the year 2010. Later, renamed "Power BI" and unveiled by Microsoft in their Office 365 Suite in the year 2013. Power BI is an integral part of the Microsoft Power platform with an ultimate goal to enable interactive visualizations and empower businesses with superior data intelligence capabilities. 

Microsoft Power BI Training can help you master the fundamentals of the PowerBI Analytics Service. The training further helps you draw valuable information from data, create detailed reports & design intuitive data-driven dashboards. The Power BI course can help you kickstart your career in an array of industries like Retail, Insurance, Financial Services & Information Technology. Whatever may be the industry, certified Power BI professionals are a preferred choice for companies of all scales, be it Startups, SMBs, MNCs targeting Big Data. 

How Power BI Certification Can Help Your Career?

This course will equip you to understand the basics and application of business intelligence tools to process raw data. You will discover how the BI tool helps find valuable conclusions and exhibits data in a well-organized format for effective decision-making. 

Knowing how to make judicious use of data to add value to your work opens ample opportunities for your growth as a BI analyst in the industry. You can clear several professional Power BI exams and clear interviews since you have the knowledge it takes to take data from disparate sources, blend it, derive intelligence out of it, and project on beautiful visuals simultaneously.

What Will You Learn From Our Power BI Course? 

The Microsoft Power BI certification at Time Training Center provides you comprehensive knowledge of Power BI data sources, Power BI Desktop, Service, Server, Gateway, and Mobile application. Our Power BI classes help you garner skills such as Data Transformation, Data Modelling, Data Visualization, Dashboard Creation & Configuration. 

Once you learn Power BI with our instructors, you will be able to transform company-grade data into intuitive and rich visuals. Microsoft Power BI training helps professionals extract meaning from raw data. The training aids professionals and companies as a whole to become agile, effective, and competitive in the global marketplace. 

The Major Objectives Of Our Power BI Certification Course Are To: 

  • Impart a thorough understanding of the Power BI Architecture
  • Equip you to extract and transform data as per the end business users' needs
  • Enable you to prepare data and visualize it using the data sources
  • To facilitate effective decision-making and mitigating the inherent risk associated with the data interpretations 

Why Choose Us for Power BI Training?

At Time Training Center, we are committed to providing you a hands-on learning experience. Our Business Intelligence and Analytics experts focus on PowerBI fundamentals. We ensure the practical implementation of the tool for the students. The expertise of our PowerBI trainers will help you along the way to build the desired PowerBI skills. 

During the tenure of the course, you will undergo a case study-based practical implementation of the tools. It will help you evaluate your performance as we proceed along the way. Mentors will individually attend to any learning gaps during the sessions. When the course ends, you will be all set to take on the Power BI roles in the industry. 

Who Can Pursue Our Power BI Training in Abu Dhabi

The course aims to impart data analytics skills among the professionals acquainted with large sets of data regularly and wish to eliminate the obsolete methodology of converting the data into useful information through manual techniques. 

Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Reporting Professionals, Business Development Associates can all study Power BI and add another feather to their technology stack. Freshers looking to make a career in data analytics and visualization can also enroll in our PowerBI course.


Professionals can attend classes seamlessly on the move. PowerBI certification is a 16-hour long course featuring state-of-the-art content and industry-oriented exercises. Time Training Center offers a flexible and intuitive learning experience to all those who undergo training with us.
Having PowerBI, Query & Pivot skills can help you stand out from the crowd and zoom into the Data Analyst sphere with a competitive edge over your peers. 

Not just that, certified PowerBI experts earn a higher salary and have a better say in the company's decision-making due to the insights they generate.
No, you don't need to have any prior knowledge of Power BI or other business intelligence tools. The course has been designed to instantiate solid fundamentals in you. Our instructors then boost your learning towards PowerBI expertise.

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