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Microsoft Power BI Course In Abu Dhabi

Become a data visualization pro with Power BI course in Abu Dhabi. This course will train you to,

  • Simultaneously develop data models from several sources
  • Prototype and analyse complex business situations
  • Use Power Query to extract data from various repositories
  • Employ Power View to interactively visualise data

Overview Of Microsoft Power BI Training in Abu Dhabi

Power BI is arguably the best data visualisation tool. It is used by top global companies like Coca Cola, Saudi Aramco and SpaceX for data visualisation purposes. Power BI training in Abu Dhabi will help you acquire the necessary skills to present data from sources that are totally unrelated into consistent and interactive information.

Why is Power BI Important?

Microsoft Power BI is a software that lets people from even non-technical backgrounds inspect and visualise data from several unrelated sources. That is the reason why many of the fortune 500 companies employ the tool for data visualisation. Below are the factors that make Power BI so treasured for data visualisation,

  • Recipient of a report need not be a licensed user
  • Microsoft is pushing to integrate Power BI with Azure Machine Learning
  • Owners of a report can use the security features to adjust the visibility of a report to users
  • Viewers are served with the latest information as reports are updated with fresh data in real-time


Why Should You Get Power BI Certified?

Data visualisation helps decision makers concentrate on the problem rather than wasting time on decrypting the facts and figures. Thus, companies who value a faster decision making process are adopting data visualisation tools like Microsoft Power BI. These are some factors why you should seriously consider Microsoft Power BI certification,

  • Boost your credibility : A certification proves that you have undergone training in a field and possess skills to perform a set of duties.
  • Acquire a versatile skill : Microsoft Power BI is used by organisations from every field. Once you are a Power BI master, you can potentially be hired by any of those companies.
  • Remain employable : To upskill is the only way to stay on top of the competition for jobs these days. With MS Power BI certification, recruiters will have a solid reason to shortlist your resume.
  • Make more money : Let it be in the form of salary or remuneration from independent consulting, a certified candidate stands a better chance to earn more than others.


MS Power BI Training Program Outcomes and Professional Benefits

  • Improve job security-Skill landscape is so volatile that even veterans can be thwarted by fresh graduates with a few new age skills. Upskilling is the only way to endure.
  • Refine your team’s output-After the MS Power BI course, you will find yourself equipped with the skills to perform complex data visualisation tasks. Hence improving the productivity of your team as a whole.
  • Stay ahead of your competition-Thwarting your professional competition takes a lot effort, most important part of it being upskilling. Learning Power BI will give you that much needed edge.
  • Be the mentor-People look up to those who help them learn. Your colleagues will trust your advices on professional matters since you are certified.


MS Power BI Certification Course Prerequisites

You can pursue the Power BI course at Time Training Center if you are,

  • Aspiring to work in data analytics
  • Aspiring and current business analysts
  • Higher level executives who want to learn data visualisation
  • Aspiring and current data scientists


Power BI Certification Course Career Path and Opportunities

Power BI certification can be your ticket to a high paying job. Below are some of the career options you can follow after the training,

  • Power BI Developer
  • Power BI Consultant
  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst


Industries Looking for Power BI Certified Professionals

  • Data analytics
  • Financial analysis
  • Business consulting
  • Banking


Companies Looking for Power BI Professionals in Abu Dhabi

  • Wipro
  • EY
  • Capgemini
  • Deloitte
  • Pwc
  • KPMG


Microsoft Power BI Training Options

Training Options Features
Classroom Training
  • Highly experienced trainers who turn the sessions into group activities.
  • All the features of the latest Power BI release are covered.


How To Get Power BI Certified?- Follow These Three Steps To Power BI Certification

Earning the Microsoft Power BI course certification can be easy if you follow the three steps below,

  • Prepare yourself for the test wth the help of a trainer
  • Register for the test once you are ready
  • Attend the test with confidence and pass


Why Choose Time Training Center for Power BI Training in Abu Dhabi

It is always better to reach out to a professional training institute once you make the decision to learn Power BI. Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi provides outstanding training in Power BI, featuring the below qualities:

  • All of our trainers are highly talented in data virtualisation techniques using Microsoft Power BI
  • Structure of our course gives a lot of importance to experiential learning
  • Tutors are trained to keep the sessions engaging and fun so that students stay interested in the content
  • We use a highly sophisticated methodology to track the advancement of students as they attain each goals




Professionals can attend classes seamlessly on the move. PowerBI certification is a 16-hour long course featuring state-of-the-art content and industry-oriented exercises. Time Training Center offers a flexible and intuitive learning experience to all those who undergo training with us.
Having PowerBI, Query & Pivot skills can help you stand out from the crowd and zoom into the Data Analyst sphere with a competitive edge over your peers. 

Not just that, certified PowerBI experts earn a higher salary and have a better say in the company's decision-making due to the insights they generate.
No, you don't need to have any prior knowledge of Power BI or other business intelligence tools. The course has been designed to instantiate solid fundamentals in you. Our instructors then boost your learning towards PowerBI expertise.

Below listed are the groups who can pursue the Power BI training course in Abu Dhabi,

  • Those who wants to work in data analytics
  • Business analysts and thse who wants to become one
  • Business leaders who want to learn data visualisation
  • Data scientists and those who aspire to be one

In our Power BI course you will learn, 

  • How to create data models of diverse origin
  • Examine complicated business problems using data
  • Employ the Power Query tool to get data from different sources
  • Usage of Power View tool to make impressive data visualisations
Time Training Center is the most preferred institute in Abu Dhabi for Power BI and many other courses. Our trainers with their excellent academic background and long years in the industry ensures that the students sustain their curiosity throughout the course. Our world class facilities and highly mature course curriculum also plays a vital role in maintaining our goodwill.
Microsoft Power BI is arguably the best data visualisation tool available in the market. It is used by many medium to large companies. By learning it, you can ensure a highly paying career in data visualisaton working for one of those organisations.

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