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Advanced Excel Course In Abu Dhabi

Master the advanced features of Microsoft Excel and distinguish yourself in the workplace. This course helps you to,

  • Increase your employability
  • Finish data processing tasks more efficiently
  • Save operating cost to your employer
  • Acquire a skill that helps you throughout your career

All You Need To Know About  Advanced Excel Training in Abu Dhabi

Are you someone who deals with large amounts of data every day? Do you find yourself limited with the level of knowledge in Excel? Learning to confidently operate in Excel Software means you are adding a highly valuable asset to your employability portfolio. If you are starting your career or seeking career advancement, our Microsoft Excel training can help you master the advanced features you may need to embrace new work opportunities. 

In Time Training Center’s Advanced Excel Course in Abu Dhabi, we will prepare you to become a power user of Excel. This is your last step before specializing at a professional level. The Advanced Excel Course is to teach you various formulas used in Excel, how to debug them, audit them, and how to use which formula for which occasion (and also know few alternatives for any formula problem).

Why is Advanced Excel Important?

Microsoft Excel is perhaps the most potent spreadsheet software out there. Businesses cannot sustain themselves without this application. Advanced Excel is important in the following ways:

  • Perform highly complicated tasks and calculations
  • Sort data more efficiently and systematically
  • Promotes optimum utilisation of resources in the organisation
  • Work automation leads to retention of skilled employees


Why Should You Get Advanced Excel Certified?

Advanced Excel skills are desired in candidates for managerial and analytical positions, the more the merrier. Here are the reasons why you should get an advanced Excel certification:

  • Quicker growth-Microsoft Excel is a wonderful skill to have. Any role of analytical nature in the corporate world demands the candidate to be adept in advanced Excel techniques.
  • Skill up faster-Instead of learning a new skill at the comfort of your home, you can opt for a certification program. They are typically fast paced and result oriented.
  • Set yourself apart-Being a widely used office productivity software, Microsoft Excel is the right tool to learn if you want to be a special asset to your employer.
  • Advise-Possessing a skill is not enough when it comes to advising and consulting others. You need a genuine proof of skills like a certification.


Advanced Excel Training Program Outcomes and Professional Benefits

  • Earn a portable skill-Microsoft Excel is a transferable skill. It can be helpful throughout your career even if you change industries.
  • Career advancement-Earning a skill so vital as advanced Excel will open new doors of growth in your professional life.
  • Work abroad-Your visa application for a job abroad will have better chances of success if you have certifications that complement your profile.
  • Better remuneration-A certification is one of the main factors which determines your salary increments.


Advanced Excel Certification Course Prerequisites

There is no prerequisite for the advanced Excel course, however, we recommend that you already be familiar with the basics of Microsoft Excel.

Advanced Excel Certification Course Career Path and Opportunities

Advanced Excel certification can help you perform a number of job functions. Some of them are,

  • Accountant
  • Data analyst
  • Market researcher
  • Digital marketer
  • Estimator
  • Business analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Auditor


Industries Looking for Advanced Excel Certified Professionals

  • Retail
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Data analytics
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Mining and Energy


Companies Looking for Advanced Excel Professionals in Abu Dhabi

  • Carrefour
  • LuLu Group International
  • PepsiCo
  • SAP
  • Salesforce
  • Accenture


Advanced Excel Training Options

Training Options Features
Classroom Training
  • Need-based coursework.
  • Adaptable to requirements of students from a wide range of backgrounds
Customised Corporate Training
  • Customised learning
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Learners help and after support


How To Get Advanced Excel Certified?- Follow These Three Steps To Advanced Excel Certification

To become a certified Advanced Excel expert, you just need to follow three simple steps:

  • Join a training institute to learn advanced Excel skills
  • Reserve your slot for the certification test
  • Attempt the test with confidence and pass


Why Choose Time Training Center for Advanced Excel Training in Abu Dhabi

Flexible course content and engaging trainers has always been the hallmark of our institute. Our strengths include,

  • Our programs are managed by an exceptional team experienced in setting training course vision.
  • We give critical priority to identifying the training needs before conceptualising the coursework and mode of delivery.
  • Our training courses are acclaimed for being aligned to the organisational needs of the client
  • We use a set of assessment metrics developed in-house to quantify students progress.






Advanced Excel training course by Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi is distinctive in the following ways,

  • Up to date curriculum
  • Course material is strictly based on training needs
  • Most accurate assessment metrics
  • Ideal to forge a wide network of like minded professionals
Other than having a grasp on the basics of Microsoft Excel, there are no prerequisites for the advanced Excel course by Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi.
The advanced Excel course by Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi aims to prepare our trainees to do complex data processing tasks in less time, data visualisation, use from a set of freely available templates, write macros and codes to automate tasks.
Time Training Center has been producing advanced Microsoft Excel experts for many years now. Our course curriculum and the mode of delivery has been evolving throughout the journey, refreshing and modifying for the better along the way.
Time Training Center has the policy of taking in only the cream of the crop when it comes to trainers. We look for professionals with top-of-the-line educational qualifications and rich exposure in the industry.
Our course curriculum for the advanced Excel training program is the product of years long effort by a group of experts. It has undergone numerous cycles of reviews to be in the perfect state it’s in today.
Having a firm grasp on the advanced Excel features will be helpful if you want to work in an analytical position. You will be able to perform complex data processing tasks more efficiently. Moreover, you can automate mundane tasks using Excel macros.
Time Training Center provides the best advanced Excel training in Abu Dhabi. An exclusive combination of experienced trainers and constantly updating curriculum helps us to maintain our position as the top corporate training provider in Abu Dhabi.
An advanced MS Excel course helps students to master the functions, different tools for financial analysis and advanced functions you must know to become an Excel power user.
The best way to learn all the advanced Excel features is to join an advanced Excel training course. Such a training course will take your skills to a whole new orbit of excellence.
The Advanced Excel course provided by Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi is one of the best globally. We have helped hundreds of professionals and students to learn Microsoft Excel with our coursework that focuses on experiential learning.
Every job role of managerial and analytical nature demands Microsoft Excel skills in one way or the other. Careers like Accountant, Data Analyst, Market researcher, Digital marketer, Estimator and Business analyst are apt for professionals with fine Advanced Excel skills.
Self learning can be hard when it comes to Advanced Excel techniques. You can learn it easily and faster with the help of advanced MS Excel training.
It takes around one month to train yourself to be an advanced Excel user with the help of an Excel training institute. Institutes like the Time Training Center have structured training programs to help students make the most efficient use of time and other resources for their learning. You should anticipate spending more time if you are planning to do self learning.
Yes, Microsoft Excel advanced users are finding opportunities across the board in the industry. A firm grasp of the advanced Excel skills is something every sector of the industry looks for in their managerial and analytical positions.
VBA or Visual Basic for Applications is the coding language used in Microsoft Excel. A good Excel training institute can help you acquire the skills needed for a managerial or analytical position.

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