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CHRM Course In Abu Dhabi

Learn how to implement HR policies and strategies in the wider organisational and environmental context. By the end of the CHRM course, you will:

  • Analyze human resource planning principles
  • Learn to implement strategic HR plans for success
  • Improve employee performance with the latest skills 
  • Develop relationships with other HR professionals
  • Get ACTVET approved CHRM Certification

Overview Of CHRM Training in Abu Dhabi, UAE

The foundation of any successful business is its employees and makes the Human Resource Management profession Vital. CHRM (Certified Human Resource Management) Training in Abu Dhabi enables professionals to upskill their expertise in managerial aspects of HR such as Strategically aligned HR, Developing HR Policies and Procedures, Job Analysis and Job Descriptions, Manpower Planning, Budgeting in HR, ROI on Training, Effective Performance Appraisals, HR Audit and Establishing Effective Pay Plans.

Why is the CHRM Course Important?

A CHRM (Certified Human Resources Management) Course helps students develop the skills and knowledge they need to manage people effectively in various organizations or corporate sectors. The Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi provides training to individuals to upgrade their knowledge and skill set in the wider aspects of Human Resource Management. A CHRM Course is important because it offers;

  • Skills to build innovative and strategic HR policies
  • To understand, develop, coordinate, and lead Human Resources practices
  • Updated and high-quality curriculum on the roles and responsibilities of HR
  • Guidance of industry-accredited CHRM professionals


Why Should You Get CHRM Certification in UAE?

Human Resource Management is crucial to any company, and the skills needed to reach this position are equally valuable. Getting CHRM Certification is the best way to demonstrate your skills and efficiency in HR to your potential employers. CHRM Certification can also elevate your status in the HR profession and help you get ahead in your career. Some of the other reasons for getting CHRM certified include the following;

  • Establishes credibility and demonstrates your workplace competency
  • Worldwide recognition as a sign of professional achievement. 
  • Contributes to the success of your organization.
  • Obtain the requisite skills and competencies to obtain a Role in HR


Outcomes and Professional Benefits of CHRM Certification Training in Abu Dhabi

Human Resource Management is a key aspect of any organization from improving employee well-being to risk management. CHRM Certification Training can help build a wider and broader knowledge in the HR managerial area and thereby equipping you with the skills needed to ensure employee satisfaction, productivity, and future growth. A CHRM certification offers countless professional benefits that will help;

  • Build Universal Skills & Recognition:Certified Human Resources Manager (CHRM) validates competency in corporate-oriented human resource management departments and is relevant worldwide. This gives professionals the recognition and flexibility to use their knowledge, skills and competencies anywhere their career takes them.
  • Prepare you for a Variety of HR Job Roles:CHRM Certification Course trains individuals to fit into many HR job roles. The certification training helps individuals to obtain the requisite skills and competencies for a certified HR professional.
  • Enhance your career:The CHRM certification demonstrates your expertise in organizational business management and thereby secures you with a bright career, recognition, and authority.
  • Proving your expertise in HR Management:Certification in CHRM can help you showcase your expertise and demonstrate your ability to recruit, manage, and evaluate resources effectively.
  • High salaries:Certified CHRM Professionals are in high demand, paid considerably well, possess creative flexibility and are often more productive than their peers. 
  • Help expand knowledge:The Certification in CHRM will help you gain in-depth knowledge and acquire the in-demand skills through a comprehensive training structure. 
  • Boost your Portfolio:Getting a CHRM certification can gain you an edge over others while looking for jobs. It can also prove your credibility and proficiency in business management. 


CHRM Certification Course Prerequisites

  • Professionals who are looking for career growth in the HR Department 
  • Professionals who are seeking jobs in HR. 
  • Human Resources Executives who need to develop their HR management skills for improved performance and career development.


CHRM Certification Course Career Path and Opportunities

CHRM Certification can also set you up for success in a variety of Human Resources roles. CHRM-certified professionals usually find careers in HR departments of companies or organizations, where they may be responsible for all aspects of HR management.

Job Roles For CHRM Professionals 

  • HR Generalist
  • HR Business Partner
  • HR Operations
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Staffing Coordinator
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Human Resources Coordinator


Industries Looking for CHRM Professionals

  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy management
  • Electricity
  • Communication technology
  • Sustainable design
  • Piping industry.


Companies Looking for CHRM Professionals in Abu Dhabi

  • Etihad Airways
  • ADNOC Group
  • TechnicFMC
  • Hilton
  • Etisalat
  • Schlumberger
  • Confidential
  • Discover


CHRM Training Options

Training Options Features
Classroom Training
  • Experiential learning
  • Training sessions conducted by expert professionals.
  • Perfect to revamp your professional network.


Three Steps to Get Your CHRM Certification in Abu Dhabi

Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi is one of the finest training Centers with a variety of finely crafted professional certification courses. Time Training Center’s CHRM (Certified Human Resources Management) Course in Abu Dhabi is focused on the competencies and knowledge all HR professionals need to lead in today’s business community. A similar course, CHRP Certification Training, is designed for those who want to learn how to manage human resources within an organization.Our comprehensive curriculum of this course will also help in developing industry-relevant knowledge, professional values, and skills.

Here are the three steps to get CHRM certified;

  • Enrol in CHRM Certification Course
  • Apply for the CHRM Certification exam
  • Become a certified CHRM professional


Why Choose Time Training Center for the CHRM Training Institute in Abu Dhabi, UAE? 

Time Training Center is one of the top-ranking training institutes in Abu Dhabi providing training for CHRM and other professional certifications. Time’s CHRM Training Course enables you to reach your goals in a short amount of time. Our trainers are highly experienced in their respective fields and will ensure you grasp the essence of HR once the course is completed.

  • Intensive, specific, and subject-oriented training
  • Offer Custom-tailored classes according to the student's preferences
  • Provide multiple study aids to the students
  • Impart skills that enhance their workplace competency





A CHRM (Certified Human Resource Management) Course in Abu Dhabi helps the participants to achieve a professional qualification and get hands-on, practical training to take on greater challenges in the Human Resource Management function.

CHRM Training provides rigorous training methods crafted to suit your learning methods and upskill your existing expertise in human resource management. The course objectives for our CHRM Classes in Abu Dhabi also include;

  • Ensuring competency in candidates through practical and industry-oriented approach. 
  • Developing problem-solving skills and social intelligence.
  • Equip skills in individuals to implement new strategies and policies.
  • Upskill expertise in professionals to address complex challenges. 
The Certified Human Resources Management (CHRM) Course is suitable for those who are already working in a managerial position in HR, leading a team of people or individual projects.
You can take the CHRM Certification exam after completing Time Training Center’s CHRM Course in Abu Dhabi. The certification validates your expertise in tackling challenges in Human Resource Management.

The Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi offers classroom training for the CHRM Course. The institute also offers customized classes according to the individual's needs. 

Human Resource Management is one of the important departments in companies and firms creating a lot of career opportunities for CHRM professionals worldwide.

The CHRM Training institute in Abu Dhabi offers a comprehensive training program that covers all aspects of organizational business management. Additionally, the Training Center provides its students with the latest curriculum to follow and allows them to learn at their own pace. 

Yes, Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi offers training by industry-led experts with years of experience in the HR field. Our highly qualified and industrially trained faculty will train their best talents onto you.

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