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Corporate Tax Training In Abu Dhabi

Gain knowledge about the latest Corporate Tax System in UAE and align your business operations accordingly by enrolling in UAE Corporate Tax Training in Abu Dhabi. Here is what you will learn from this course offered by Time Training Center, 

  • Know about the Corporate Tax Regime in UAE.
  • Learn how to meet international standards for tax transparency. 
  • Learn the necessary facts about corporate tax returns.
  • Understand necessary things beforehand while preparing for tax audits.
  • Gain a basic understanding of Taxation Laws.

Overview of Corporate Tax Training in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Corporate Tax is the tax levied directly on the net income or profits of corporate firms and other organizations from their business operations. The UAE is all set to lift its tax-free status by introducing federal corporate tax for businesses as the latest move to align closer with global markets. 

The standard corporate tax rate for corporate entities and business enterprises in Abu Dhabi with a net annual profit over AED 375,000 will be 9% and a rate of 15% for multinational companies, which is in line with the Global minimum corporate tax rate agreement. While the tax rate is 0% for small businesses and start-ups with net annual profits under AED 375,000.

Having a thorough knowledge of the latest corporate tax rules and practices will help all types of businesses equally from facing any consequences of corporate tax violations. Time Training Center provides 8 hours of UAE Corporate Tax Training in Abu Dhabi for business owners and corporate employees. 


How Corporate Tax Training Will Benefit Corporates & Other Enterprises?  

As the UAE Ministry of Finance will introduce a corporate tax on business profits starting on or after June 1, 2023, businesses with profits of over AED 375,000 will have to pay a standard statutory tax rate of 9 percent. The new tax initiative is to reaffirm UAE’s commitment to meeting international standards for tax transparency and mitigating tax violations. It is also an attempt by the UAE Government to strengthen the corporate tax regime. 

While there is enough time till June 2023 for the new taxation rule to come into effect, it is necessary for you to be knowledgeable and prepared for the new corporate tax regime. It is to be noted that the corporate tax won’t apply to personal income from employment, real estate, and other investments. The tax incentive will remain in place for UAE’s free-trade zone companies that are not doing business in the mainland. 

Prerequisites For Joining Corporate Tax Training in UAE

  • Professionals working in a mid-level position within an organization with operational or supervisory responsibilities, or both.
  • Anyone in the audit department of a corporate business (with a profit margin of over AED 375,000)
  • Anyone who is interested to learn about the corporate tax regime in UAE.


What will You Learn From UAE Corporate Tax Course in Abu Dhabi?

Our UAE Corporate Tax Training explores many salient features of the upcoming UAE corporate tax system and its implications. Here is what is covered in this course: 

  • Introduction to the taxation of corporations and their shareholders in UAE. 
  • Scope and objectives of Corporate Tax in UAE.
  • Functioning of Federal Tax Authority in UAE. 
  • Relevant provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, corporate tax filing requirements, and how to file corporate tax. 
  • Review the basics of tax law, which includes the origins of taxation, the three sources of tax law, the hierarchy of tax law, and judicial doctrines.
  • How to calculate corporate income tax liability and compute the corporate Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). 
  • Various approaches to tax planning and ways to minimize tax liability within the legal framework. 
  • Practical in-class study problems to facilitate self-discovery of technical tax knowledge along with the development of a variety of professional skills.


Why Choose Time Training Center For Corporate Tax Training in UAE? 

Time Training Centre is a top-ranked Institute in Abu Dhabi that offers all types of professional courses. With the new corporate tax applicable from 1st June 2023 our corporate tax training in Abu Dhabi will help you with all you need to know about the corporate tax regime in the UAE. 

  • We have subject matter experts in the UAE Tax laws, VAT, and other international tax laws. You can also check on our UAE VAT course in Abu Dhabi.
  • Our corporate tax course is intended to give an idea of UAE Corporate Tax Planning. 
  • The course is divided into 6 units covered in 8 hours and includes various aspects of corporate income tax. 

Upon the successful completion of this course, corporate employees and business owners will be able to independently work on all the procedures needed to complete before the corporate tax comes into effect. 

Even if you are someone who is looking to concentrate your career on corporate taxation, our corporate tax training will help you master the procedure and management of the corporate tax system.

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