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Electrical Design Course In Abu Dhabi

Overview Of Electrical Design Training in Abu Dhabi

Today the devices are much more complicated than they were in the past. From nano-chips to exorbitantly big powerhouse stations, electrical design is everywhere. When it comes to effectively produce, transporting, and distributing electricity, a good design plays a critical role. Not just that, safe and secured electrical supply is vital in both- domestic and industrial settings. 

An electrical design course can help you kickstart your career and garner skills such as 3D design modeling, integrating control systems, electrical load expertise, and much more. As an electrical design expert, you will be responsible for an array of the building's electrical functions such as ventilation, powerhouse, heating, cooling, and other amenities. Not just that, electrical design experts need to come up with efficient and sustainable energy solutions. 

How Is Electrical Design Training a Game-Changer?

With technology growing powerful every minute, there is an ever-growing need for power systems to power these technologies. Consider Google, and it consumes a whopping 12.4 terawatt-hours of electricity every year. To power, such an enormous data center requires meticulous planning and designing of electrical systems. If one of the power systems fails, they have proper backup and safety protocols to minimize damage. Hence, an Electrical Designer plays a critical role in the digital era.

As an Electrical Designer, you will plan, organize, design, and supervise the installation of electrical components and systems. You will also follow the safety protocols and maintain documentation. However, as with the other industries, the Electrical Design Industry is filled with Electrical Design training courses that are outdated and have no practical applications in the current era. 

How Can Electrical Design Certification Help Your Career?

The Electrical Design field has high demand currently thanks to advancing technologies which change at a rapid pace. For each new technology, there is a need for an electrical system to assist the technology. Moreover, commercial and residential buildings need electrical designers to design and draft electrical circuits. Therefore as long as humans construct buildings, there will be ample opportunities for Electrical designers. 

According to Payscale, an Average Electrical Designer gets paid a base salary of $85,236 per annum. The Time Training Center is one of the best Electrical Design course providers in Abu Dhabi. Our course is power-packed with critical information needed to get a head start in the Electrical Design field. Master essential concepts such as Plant Electrical Load, Single Line Diagrams, Control Schematics, Cable Selection, and much more.

What Skills Does An Electrical Designer Need?

The core skills employers look for in an Electrical Designer is as follows:

  • Design and draft electrical system and layouts using knowledge of Electrical systems
  • Maintain safety protocols using knowledge of electrical and energy codes.
  • Works with mechanical, electrical teams and assist them in the implementation of design
  • Oversee and assist in prototyping
  • Maintain documentation 
  • Know Auto-CAD and other electrical design software

In our Electrical Design course, you will learn all the above skills to become job-ready as soon as you complete the course certification.

What Will You Learn From Our Electrical Design Course?

  • Introduction to Electrical Design
  • Wire, cable, and circuit components
  • Designing and Drafting Electrical circuit system
  • 2D and 3D models using Auto-CAD
  • National Electric code, energy, and electrical codes for safety protocols
  • Maintenance of electrical systems
  • Drafting documentation to help electricians and engineers lay the circuits


The Major Objectives of Our Electrical Design Course:

  • Learn to Describe the electrical project with sufficient details to allow electrical contractors to use your drawings to estimate material, labor, and service cost.
  • Learn to guide and instruct electricians in performing required wiring and equipment installation while giving sufficient warnings.
  • Build documentation and records of the electrical wiring system for future maintenance purposes.


Why Choose Time Training Center For Electrical Design Training?

Currently, there is an urgent need for high-quality training. Although there are various courses available in the market, many of them lack the practical aspects needed for Electrical Design Training. Time training centers fill this gap by providing the high-quality training required to become a professional Electrical Designer. Our certification thoroughly prepares you to face the competition along with making your concepts crystal clear. 

Our Electrical Design specialization provides an overview of maintaining safety protocol, electrical and energy codes, code compliance, design and drafting, Auto-CAD to making projects successful by proper teamwork. A group of Electrical Design experts who have experience of decades carefully designed the course. Each module, exercise, and chapter is thoroughly drafted after careful consideration so that you can absorb the information efficiently. We also provide live assistance for those who require help. We have an active learning community where our learners share their experiences and ask questions. 

Who can take our Electrical Design Training Course?

  • Professional seeking career transition to Electrical Design Field
  • Electrical Engineers wanting to brush up their knowledge and learn about circuit designing
  • Freshers and Undergraduates aspiring to become Electrical Designer


The Electrical Design Training is 24 hours long. However, as the course is self-paced, the time taken to complete the training will vary from learner to learner.
Yes. Upon Successful Completion of the Electrical Design Course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. This Certificate is sharable. You can share it on your resume or LinkedIn.

Absolutely. Think of all the residential and commercial complexes and their electrical system. These systems are so complex and need specialists to design. Furthermore, these systems also need timely maintenance that means more job opportunities for you. 

By taking our certification, you will be learning all the concepts included in Electrical Design. You will learn everything from designing and drafting, prototyping, and following safety protocol. Join us today!

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