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An Overview of Tableau Certification Training in Abu Dhabi

According to IDC (International Data Corporation), data generation has increased by 50 times in the year Fiscal Year 2020 compared to the last decade combined. With vast swaths of data getting generated as we speak, the need to break down the volumes of data into visualized and insightful forms has become indispensable. Companies- be it big or small, need data in a refined form to evaluate and analyze the business performance in light of the numbers and figures. Data Visualization plays an imperative role in turning raw data into meaningful insights.

The need for professionals highly trained in BI tools comes into the picture. Using Business Intelligence technology is one effective way to convert large sets of data into functional form. Tableau is one of the most popular tools for data visualization. Earning Tableau certification can help you leverage the market demand for your best interest. Tableau course equips you to comprehend data, parse it and transform the same into valuable insights for the enterprise.

Why Tableau Training Is Beneficial For Effective Data Visualization

Tableau was developed by the specialized researchers of the Department of Computer Science and Stanford University back in 2003. The company was later in the year 2019 acquired by a renowned cloud-based software company named Salesforce for $15.7 billion. The value that software brings along in the domain of analytical processing has a lot to do with its efficacy for businesses across the globe. 

Tableau's user-friendly drag and drop functionality enables quick cleaning, analysis, and visualization of the data. The dashboard or report developed thereon can help businesses transform their operation. The perceptive Big Data Analysis helps in effective decision-making. The smooth navigation experience of the interface and ease of connecting, presenting, and visualizing data make Tableau Certification the best visualization course for you. 

How Can a Tableau Certification Help Your Career?

Knowing how to manipulate data and comprehend it in a form that works wonders for their businesses will make you an irreplaceable resource for the companies. Analysts who have an eye for detail and a distinguished approach to data handling are in great demand. 

Tableau training will open up the gates of opportunities in well-paying MNCs such as KPMG, Bank of America, General Motors, Dell, Facebook, the University of California, and 35,000 other MNCs worldwide. Learning the leading Business Intelligence and visualization tool in the market will make you one of the excellently paid professionals. The approximate salary of a Tableau professional ranges somewhere between $108,697 to $158,000 per annum, as per the Indeed data.

What Will You Learn From Our Tableau Course?

Time Training Center’s Tableau Training will help you build strong Tableau fundamentals. The modules cover in-depth knowledge of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep Builder, and Tableau Online. We offer the best Tableau course in Abu Dhabi, where you will be working on real-life use cases from across the industry. The Tableau certification brings aboard enterprise-grade learnings and work experience. 

Our instructors, having years of experience in the industry, will guide you towards excellence. The course will make you industry-ready for domains such as IT, Life Science, Retail, eCommerce, Entertainment, and more. Our Tableau course teaches you inbuilt unbeatable execution ability and straightforward integration with the data. It is why today, our Tableau course is the best BI resource in the market to learn. 

The Major Objectives of Our Tableau Course are:

  • ? To Facilitate a comprehensive understanding of the Tableau Architecture 
  • ? To Impart learning of smooth extraction and transformation through interactive data visualization 
  • ? To give you the chance to gain in-depth knowledge of the data sources, Tableau interface, and core concepts
  • ? To facilitate simplified data interpretations of complex terminologies to enable effective decision-making based on the BI visualization


Why Choose Time Training Center for Tableau Training?

Time Training Center extends to you the online instructor-led best tableau training. Experts at our institute prepare you for diverse Tableau job roles in the market. Learn Tableau with constant guidance and support from Business Intelligence Industry experts. After successfully passing the tableau certification exam with flying colors, you'll achieve tableau desktop certification.

We design the best tableau training and Tableau exam keeping in mind the dynamic market expectations from the BI and visualization professional. By the end of our Tableau course, you will have garnered the skill required to build impressive data dashboards for various industries.

Who Can Pursue Our Tableau Training in Abu Dhabi

Time Training Center’s Tableau training is tailor-made for professionals who need expertise in analytics, IT Developers, testers, data analysts, data scientists, reporting professionals, and project managers.

If you are someone looking forward to building his/her career in the domain of analytical expertise or, you are willing to create straightforward data visualizations from a large set of data to achieve professional excellence in your already existing job role.


No, there is no expiry for the Desktop Tableau Certification that you earn at the end of the course. It has lifetime validity, and you can utilize it anywhere in your domain - be it for attaining the extra edge abou=ve your peers, for your promotions, or even for starting a career in the BI domain from scratch
Yes, definitely. The best tableau training course is drafted in a manner so that you can pursue it along with your routine job. Dedicating 6-8 hours on weekends can help you finish this course in 4-6 weeks duration.
The complete Tableau training is for 24 hours. Let us say you dedicate even an average of 1.5 hours every day, then you will be able to complete the course in 16 days only.

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