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OET Training In Abu Dhabi

Learn and practice all the skills that are necessary for passing the OET test. By the end of the OET Course with Time Training Center in Abu Dhabi

  • Develop required English language skills
  • Become eligible to work in healthcare systems
  • Get the eligibility to move to a new country
  • Learn from professionals with expertise

Overview of OET Course in Abu Dhabi

Occupational English Test (OET) training at Time Training is designed keeping in mind the students who want to pursue a career in Healthcare Sector. To perk up the 4 OET testing areas which are Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking, we have a skilled team of professional experts who can guide you to your dream career. Our OET tests English in a nursing context, and hence, it will be a greater benefit for the candidates in their future employment. OET training by Time Training in Abu Dhabi gives you utmost confidence and skills because our training is designed in that way. Our pool of certified professionals are always at your help to guide you from time to time and help you improve in your language skills and communication flow.

Benefits with OET Training at Time Training:

  • OET training definitely brings in a lot of confidence for the students
  • The students will learn and practice new skills while getting trained
  • Occupational English Test is always a valuable test when you consider long term
  • This test gives an enhancement to your professional career specifically for Nurses & Doctors.
  • With OET training, you can effortlessly walk into an English-speaking environment in any healthcare job.
  • Also, it assists you to swiftly gain the deference of your colleagues, patients and the employer.
  • The most important thing is, whatever skills and efforts you put in while learning OET, those skills will always stay with you all the way through your career.

Time Training:

We at Time Training present students with an OET Official preparation material that they can access anytime and anywhere. For your assistance and guidance, we are available 24/7. Did you know? Our OET Training course is redesigned every now and then to keep it modernized to the International Level standards? Yes! This is just to keep our students updated and it will ensure them to get the best results. Besides all these, we have enormous experience in this field and we have seen thousands of happy students. We offer one-stop integrated solutions for all your professional training needs.


So, are you ready to get yourself some time from your busy schedule and spice up your English speaking ability and be the best in an English-speaking healthcare environment? Join us, at the Time Training institute in Abu Dhabi and we assure you to give the finest OET training in your desired time.

Course Duration

The duration of OET course offered by our institute is 30 hours. You will get insight on everything related to this exam within the span of 30 hours.

Major Differences between OET and IELTS:


OET is a test that assesses English language proficiency in a Health Professional Context. Whereas IELTS assesses English language proficiency in an Academic or General Context.

Which is easier/ harder?

Each test has its own challenges, however, if you have experience as a health professional in any English speaking country or are studying for a Medical Degree in English language, then there are many advantages of taking OET as it will be specific to your profession and you can use your medical knowledge, experience and vocabulary.


In Listening module IELTS has 4 parts . OET has 2 parts for Listening. Part A is a medical interview which is a note-taking exam. Part B is a lecture on a health topic.


IELTS has 3 readings MCQ, Gap Fill, True False or Not given questions on general topics .OET: Part A: Summary Gap Fill; Part B MCQ on health topics. A similar in degree of difficulty but OET may be slightly easier once you become familiar with the test format due to the medical context


Speaking Test carries 15 minute structured interview on a general topic .OET 14-18 minute profession specific interview containing Health Professional-Patient role-plays.


IELTS writing test includes 2 tasks, describing a graph or process & and an essay on a general topic. OET writing test is with 1 task which is, profession specific medical letter, usually a referral letter based on case notes.

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