Database Administration Courses In Abu Dhabi

Learn the latest tools and techniques in handling datasets with the help of Database Administration Courses in Abu Dhabi. This course will help you,

  • Maintain Databases as per the needs of the organization.
  • Know how to protect sensitive datasets of the organization. 
  • Learn to make cost-effective decisions for data maintenance.
  • Master the latest DBA tools and techniques.  
  • Learn the troubleshooting hacks required in DBA.

Overview of Database Administration Courses in Abu Dhabi

Database Administration mainly deals with maintaining Database Management Systems.  The extent to which the administration of the Database is automated dictates the skills and personnel required to manage databases. Thus, a Database Administrator plays a major role in ensuring data backup and recovery procedures. 

Time Training Center offers Database Administration Training in Abu Dhabi that gives you foundational knowledge in data management, computer architecture, logic design, network administration, computer security, programming languages, and system architecture. 

Database Administration Courses in Abu Dhabi 

Mentioned below are the in-demand Database Administration Courses in Abu Dhabi. 

Course Name Total Hours Mode of Training
Oracle Database Administrator  35 Hours Classroom
MS SQL Database Administrator 35 Hours Classroom
Oracle Apps DBA 35 Hours Classroom

How Can Database Administration Courses Help Your Career? 

The major role of a Database administrator is to ensure maximum uptime for the database so that it is always readily available. Mastering the essential skills in Database Administration will help you gain expertise in the areas such as Database Security, Database Tuning, Data backup & recovery, and producing and helping you carry out your job role smoothly as a Database Administrator. 

Benefits & Professional Outcomes of  Database Administration Training: 

The following are the significant benefits of our Database Administration Training in Abu Dhabi    

  • Enhances logical thinking ability:Our Database Administration courses will enhance your logical thinking ability and analytical skills that will help you become a good decision-maker. 
  • Helps you become more skilful in programming languages:Our Database Administration courses will help you become more skilful in programming languages like HTML, Java, and Linux. 
  • Master database modelling and design techniques: Our Database Administration courses will help you master the database modelling & design techniques necessary for a Database Administrator. 
  • Enhance your career prospects : Acquiring a knowledge base in Database Administration will enhance your career prospect and increases your earning potential. 
  • Enhances collaboration skills :You will understand how to collaborate with programmers, operational managers, technical staff, and top-level executives. 


Career Paths & Opportunities In Database Administration

After the completion of our Database Administration Course in Abu Dhabi, the participants can look forward to job roles across various fields ranging from BI to Cybersecurity. Following are some of the job roles,   

  • Database Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • SQL Database Administrator
  • Oracle Database Administrator 
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Team Leader/ Project Manager 


Companies Looking For Database Administrators in Abu Dhabi

  • IBM
  • Oracle
  • Capgemini
  • HCL Technology
  • Accenture
  • DXC Technology
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Deloitte 


Course Prerequisites:

  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science is required. 
  • Candidates having work experience in the IT field and technical knowledge in operating systems and Networking will benefit more. 


What will you learn from Time Training Center’s Database Administration Course in Abu Dhabi?

Following are the some of main topics covered under Time Training Center’s Database Administration Course in Abu Dhabi 

  • Introduction                                                           
  • SQL *PLUS Overview
  • Modifying Data
  • Managing Constraints
  • Managing Views
  • User Access and Security
  • Oracle Overview and Architecture
  • Managing Oracle
  • Control and Redo Log Files
  • Managing Tables, indexes, and Constraints
  • Managing Users and Security
  • Introduction to Network Administration
  • Backup and Recovery Overview
  • Introduction to performance tuning


The Major Objectives of Database Administration Training in Abu Dhabi

Mentioned below are the top objectives of our Database Administration Training in Abu Dhabi 

  • To help participants gain knowledge in Database Security
  • To make participants capable to determine strategies to back up and recover a database
  • To impart knowledge in evaluating database models
  • To know how to minimize database downtime using parameters to provide fast query responses. 
  • To know how to maintain draft records of reports, operations manuals, recovery manuals, and database policies. 
  • To make participants aware of the ways to implement changes in the database and to keep it running efficiently.
  • To develop adaptability and flexibility to become a Database Administrator
  • To help participants become knowledgeable in Database Tuning. 


Why Choose Time Training Center for Database Administration Training in Abu Dhabi? 

A Database Administrator carries out a multitude of tasks that are crucial for the organization. Time Training Center offers a well-structured syllabus for Database Administration Training in Abu Dhabi that will give a boost to your profession. 

Our expert trainers will impart you with the skills to perform daily activities as a Database Administrator. After the completion of the course, you will gain expertise in monitoring system performance and evaluating structured and unstructured data. 

Along with technical skills, you will also acquire soft skills related to integrative communication, multi-disciplinary teamwork, and creative problem-solving. We help you stay on par with the latest changes in the world of technology. 


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