Aug 05,2020      BY   Mithun Chakkaleri

How to do Interior Designing with 3DS Max

If you are connected to the world of interior designing, you will be familiar with 3DS Max, published by Autodesk. Formerly known as 3D Studio, it enables the designers to make the 3D models of houses with proficiency and ease.

3DS Max has powerful rendering and 3D modelling tools for creating professional 3D animations. You will learn to make any interior renders, models, photorealistic render, and become a professional 3D visualizer with 3DS Max.  

An interior room in 3D can be created in several ways, which includes steps such as modelling, scene building, rendering the final image, and post-production. If you are an interior designer confused about how to do Interior Designing with 3DS Max, here are the steps that you must follow:

Steps in 3DS Max designing

1. Modelling

This is the first step in the 3D designing process. Suppose if you are creating a model of a house, keep the client’s requirements in focus while incorporating your expertise. Give shapes to rooms, space for windows & doors, and then the furniture that goes into it. 

Modelling the room's architecture can easily be done in 3DS Max without too much training. Room interiors are made up of straight and simple shapes which makes modelling easier. Once the room is populated with furniture and objects to make it all come alive, the process becomes a little difficult. Learning how to use various tools in 3DS Max can be doubtful in the beginning and it would take time. 

Buy or download free models that can be used in Max, to begin yourself. 3DS Max Training Center in Abu Dhabi offers 3DS Max training services with comprehensive content coverage. If you wish to improve interior designing qualities, 3DS Max Training would be perfect for your animation skill development too. 

2. Scene Building

Now you must take the raw models assembled, which is the rough image and turn it into a room. For this, you must scale and put the models in the respective places. Next, you should begin to put the lightings in the model as you want them to be in real life and texture them. 

This is done using one of two methods.

  • Pixel-based images-  You can begin to texture using pixel-based images which can be applied or mapped to the models

  • Procedural textures.- These are patterns that are actually generated within the software and you can access a wide range of modifying attributes. 

Lighting is something you would enjoy. You can add or subtract light from areas, and you can render multiple times with different lighting according to your creativity. 

3. Rendering 

Here is the third step that you must follow. The rendering of designs in 3DS Max is one of the trickiest and the last part. This is the ultimate part where all the steps that you’ve taken, from creating the model, scene building to giving texture or putting lights combine to get the result. The outcome of all this process may not successfully come as we expect.  When you do not get the desired model, you have to go back to the previous steps, make the necessary changes, and re-render again. If you are new to 3D, get used to this because re-rendering would be a routine for you. 

Wrapping Up

3DS Max provides you with various tools to bring out a model in its best 3D visualization form. In fact, learning 3DS Max might not be easy, but once you have got the right training and practice, it would be fun to use. Follow these three main steps to create a perfect interior design. So why wait, start creating outshining 3D models for house interiors.

Mithun Chakkaleri

He is an expert training manager with Time Training Center Abu Dhabi. He has spent more than 12 years implementing training programs. He has worked across many departments and stakeholders to ensure that all the training programs meet organizational needs. Being passionate about interior design, he keeps himself regular at the gym and spends free time reading.

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