Aug 24,2020      BY   Shahista Tabassum

The Impact of AI on Human Resources

Artificial Intelligence has dominated every possible industry to enhance business performance and ensure smart workflow. This advanced AI technology automates, analyses and engages with employees and customers as good as we humans. In that respect, where do you think the AI can make a space for itself within an industry? By all means, it's the Human Resources and their professional productivity. 

What’s more rewarding to a company with an HR department consisting of skilled human brains and computers “developed” to outperform humans? So, it is understood that AI initiatives are a big-time gain to HR managers foreseeing future benefits.

Here, take a look at how AI could impact the Human Resource workforce. 

1. Helps in Talent Acquisition 

One of the significant processes within any company is talent acquisition. Talent teams are burdened with this challenging process where they look for candidates to fill in tougher roles like that of future executives, leaders or specialists. So, how do you think AI might ease this process and bring about maximum efficiency?

  • Review each candidate from a host of resumes received by checking existing databases. AI will screen through and pick out the best applicant based on their experience, skill and performance.
  • Schedule and conduct digital interviews. AI-enabled systems can also mark candidates through their speech pattern, expressions and quality of answers. 
  • Survey social media to find passive candidates who may be a good fit for the job role. 
  • Find trends in the job market to recruit candidates who can meet the requirements. 

HR managers can save their recruitment time and engage in other responsibilities. 

2. Makes Onboarding Easy 

Once hired, employees are to be integrated into the workplace culture of a news organisation. Onboarding has to do with helping them learn everything about their new job role. AI makes this process easier and quicker by giving HR staff the benefit of not doing it manually. 

  • AI can customise the onboarding process based on individual employee preferences. 
  • Request submission of important documents like certificates, permits and so on. 
  • Explain about company policies, benefits, duties and contracts. AI can also answer queries that an employee might be reluctant to ask on the first day. 
  • Allowing employees to sign policies and contracts electronically, thereby reducing paperwork.
  • AI chatbot can clear doubts regarding repetitive questions like vacation days and paid leave policies.

3. Helps in Customizing Employee Training

Technology is fast-changing with innovations being made now and then. Adapting to these changes can only help one survive today. Due to this, employees need to catch up with the newest approaches, training modules, and methodologies in learning. Gone are those days when a line-of-the best fits everybody’s needs. With AI it is now possible to scan employee data and offer personalised training based on individual preferences. So, what is all about this personalisation?

  • AI tracks employee behaviour - this lets companies create content that is intelligent enough in responding to the learner’s unique journey. 
  • It helps mentor learners by keeping a note of their progress- provides feedback and guidance to ensure maximum productivity.
  • Suggests customised modules based on the learner’s strengths and weaknesses to polish skills for their job.

4. Workforce Management 

There are several other areas where AI assists the Human Resource Department. It helps work out employee skill gaps and manage employees, handle payrolls, achieve business goals by making better decisions, automate workforce, analyse company practices and policies. AI software can detect employees’ moods to ensure their emotional well-being. 

In Conclusion, Artificial intelligence shoots a company’s ability to automate, analyse and predict business outcomes and performances. With potential storage systems and management, the HR Team can employ AI to work wonders for them. After all, humans are the fortune of an organisation and getting them ahead is what AI has to be all about. If you would like to become an HR Professional, check out this step-by-step guide

Shahista Tabassum

Shahista Tabassum is a senior IT Technical Trainer at Time Training Center Abu Dhabi.  She has an extensive work experience of 11 years working in various roles as a software developer, It Consultant and Technical Trainer. She spends her free time learning new things that will enhance productivity and in volunteering activities that help kids to learn new things. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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