Aug 03,2020      BY   Sharafudhin Mangalad

How to Learn Programming Language in a Short Time

Are you an aspiring programmer desiring to learn programming languages in a short time?  ”How can I learn coding in a short time” would be the question of every yearning programmer. Mastering the craft of programming is not easy. Learning how to learn programming languages quickly is the first step you must pay attention to. 

While there isn’t any shortcut to success, there are still some ways through which you can become a professional programmer in the least possible time. Here are a few tips that you need to know. 

6 Steps to learn Programming Language: 

1. Short term Courses

A number of short-time courses are available in various institutes for different programming languages. But before you choose an institute to pursue the course, 

  • Check if the courses are provided by Professionals and qualified trainers.

  • The assessments and materials given are good.

  • Workshops, events and other activities provided are relevant to programming.

2. Online Resources

Learn programming and programming courses from anywhere. You can sit at your home and learn to program. Plenty of online resources are available for guidance to learn to program. 

How do you know which are the best places to learn to code online? 

Ensure the classes are taken by qualified trainers and the materials provided for learning are of value. Check-in on specialization on various programming languages available on online resources provided with exercises, personalized learning dashboard, and instructional videos.  For example, if you want to learn MS SQL Server, learn how to start your career as a SQL Developer.           

3. Practice, practice and practice

How do we learn anything without practice? Practice, seek help, and correct errors must be your routine to learn.  

Now, where do you start? 

Write the code, play with the code, change your code to see different results, optimize the code and try different solutions for better learning. And of course, boost your domain knowledge by reading relevant material.

4. Code by Hand

Code by your hand on a piece of paper and not on the computer.

‘Why should I code by hand?’ 

Coding by hand improves your efficiency though it's a time-consuming process and is a comprehensive way of learning. Even in job interviews, you may be asked to code by hand in a piece of paper.  

‘How do I spend time on coding?’

Make sure you spend more time on examples and problems rather than theories. Do mockup examples, try different models and get your hands' dirty writing code from the beginning to end.

5. Use Debugger 

Worried about mistakes? Do not worry about the errors and mistakes you create while learning, debuggers can help you. 

Bugs and errors appearing in programming are normal. Resolving the detected errors is more important in programming. You can use debuggers and other related tools available to make the resolution process faster which saves time.   

6. Keep Your Cool

Needless to say, you will be tired spending much time on coding. Working on codes can be exhaustive and tiring. 

Coding is a creative process and it requires an active mind. Moderate the level of work, stress and time to relax. Unless you have a healthy mind, you cannot be creative. So remember to take breaks.

Let's sum up

Learn step by step to master programming languages. Learn from the basics, try different problems and keep practising. Afterall, remain confident and patient with your learning. Keep calm and keep on coding. 

Sharafudhin Mangalad

Sharafudhin Mangalad is the managing director of a chain of educational institutions in the UAE. With more than 10 years of experience in the education industry, he successfully runs Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai and Time Training Center Abu Dhabi.

He is a strategist and a leader able to steer the company to the most profitable direction while also implementing its vision, mission and long term goals. He always makes sure that his business continues to grow by identifying, developing and implementing the new strategies. He leads his team in alignment with the company's vision and values while preparing and implementing comprehensive business plans to facilitate achievement.

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