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How to Prepare for Your PMP Examination

As we know, PMP is a top project management certification for project managers who want to enhance their profession. PMP certification is one of the highest qualifications a candidate can have. To achieve this certification, one is required to prove their skills and experience.

The candidates with PMP certification are highly valued in organizations. Recruiters believe in the excellence of certified professionals. Many IT companies have made it compulsory for Project Managers to attain a PMP certificate. PMP certification is universally recognized. However, regardless of your professional background, you can benefit by adding the certification to your resume. 

PMI develops industry standards and offers a world-recognized certification to qualified project management professionals. The Project Management Institute also researches, educates and organizes conferences for members related to project management, providing them more opportunities to learn and work. 

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Requirements for PMP Certification

As we know, there are specific requirements to attend the PMP Exam. They are:

●      A four-year degree

●      Three years leading projects

●      Thirty-five hours of project management in education/training.

●      Your experiences should cover all the five processes as mentioned in the PMBOK Guide.

PMP certification classroom training is available across the country. The new PMP exam  changes  have several differences from the old exam pattern and content outline. The PMP exam and qualification is universal, and PMI GAC accreditation standards are internationally recognised. 

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How to Prepare for the PMP Exam?

There are several ways you can prepare for the PMP exam. Here are the top things you must be aware of:

  • Prepare according to PMBOK Guide

  •  Review the PMP Examination Content Outline

  •  Join A Certification Training Program

  • Have a Study plan

  • Practice Mock Tests to get ready for the exam

1. Prepare according to PMBOK Guide

Within the PMBoK Guide is all the content you need to focus on. First, try to see the table that shows the relation between 13 Knowledge Areas and 5 Process Groups with 47 processes.

Along with the PMBoK Guide, you can refer to study guides published by R.E.P.s and other reputable training organizations. Remember to refer to the latest version of the PMBOK guide. Now, the PMP exam follows the sixth edition of the PMBOK guide. The PMBOK ® Guide can offer you the fundamental practices to achieve organizational results and excellence.

 2. Review the PMP Examination Content Outline

You must understand the content of the PMP exam. The PMP exam content outline has changed for 2021. In addition, the domains and tasks have changed in the 2021 exam. The PMBOK guide used is still the 6th edition and has not changed. While you prepare, ensure that you refer to the content, the scoring and the number of tasks in each domain. 

3. Join A Certification Training Program

Enrol yourself in an efficient PMP Certification course. This can help you learn productively. In a training course on PMP, you will be able to access tailor-made PMP study materials and best practices to prepare for the PMP Exam. It will also help you grasp various project management concepts, terminology and formulae.

4. Have a Study plan

Understand your weak areas and spend time on them. Prepare a study plan that covers all the activities that lead to your PMP certification. You can organise your study plan to refer to PMBoK, practice mock tests, study various materials etc. 

5. Practice Mock Tests to get ready for the exam

Mock Tests are a good indicator to understand your level of knowledge and expertise in the subject. They are instrumental in identifying the gaps in your project management knowledge. Take mock tests seriously. Prepare for the exam and attend your mock test as you attend the actual exam. Arrange your schedule and take full-length mock tests. 

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To Conclude

With in-depth learning, mock tests and preparation according to the PMBOK guide, you can achieve a PMP Certification. Prepare yourself by understanding the numerous benefits that you will achieve with the certification. For your career growth and professional reputation, start your PMP journey today!

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