May 17,2020      BY   Sharafudhin Mangalad

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose to Learn Java Programming

Normally, what a beginner would do is to search for the latest technologies and the best programming language for the beginners that would offer a good job and career in the future. 

If you search for the best programming language you’ll find out different opinions on this topic. But always remember each and every language has its own purposes. You have to decide which programming language is suitable for your career path.

Java has proved to be one of the best programming languages ever created. Java has gained lots of groundbreaking changes in recent times like the Autoboxing in Java 5, Generics, etc. There have been lots of performance improvement taken place with Java 6. Also a functional programming improvement with Java 8 using the lambda expressions. Java is considered as a front-line programming language for Android apps development. Therefore, it looks like there is no downfall in java programming languages in the upcoming years.

Why Java is so popular and why you should learn it?

You will need to accept the fact that Java is very popular. According to the TIOBE Programming Community ranking, Java is the largest number of searches followed by C, Python, and C++ languages. According to GitHub’s Octoverse ranking, Javascript, Java, and Python are the top three most popular languages of all time. This blog will help you why you need to choose java for your future. 

1.Java is Easy to learn

If you are new to programming then you will feel Java is a bit difficult because of the steep learning curve. In the case of professional projects, it's not productive in a short span of time. If you try to understand the language, java will be a very simple and easy language to understand. 

Java is easy to learn in the sense, it is:

  • Concurrent: Easy to process your data parallelly

  • Platform Independent (WORA): Write Once and Run Anywhere

  • Open Source

  • Robust: Strong memory management

  • Interpreted

  • High Performance

  • Secured

  • Dynamic

2. Large Java Community

You can count on massive Java communities in StackOverflow, GitHub, Reddit, DZone and etc. The most advantage of Java is, there are plenty of people who are eager to share knowledge. This large community of users helps to ensure the future and the popularity of Java.

Developers can get help from the community to solve any problem they might encounter.

3.Java is Everywhere

Java application is in every sector from desktop to mobile applications. Here I have listed down a few sectors that java is using.

  • Banking: To deal with transaction management

  • Information Technology: Solve implementation dependencies

  • Stock market: To write algorithms 

  • Financial services: Java is used in server-side applications

4. Varied job roles

Java is extremely portable and can be used across various platforms. It's an open-source programming language and the famous tagline says “Write Once and Run Anywhere”.

Java is also a versatile language. It can easily work with different resources across a network. So Java’s implementation in systems is vast and therefore the demand too. Various job roles Java offers to the who is interested in this versatile language are: 

  • Software Developer

  • Web Developer

  • Web Programmer

  • Application Developer

5. Great Opportunity

The demand for skilled java professionals is increasing day by day. You can choose to upgrade your skills doing Oracle Certification Courses. As per the pay scale, Java developers take the highest salary. 


There is a long list of programming languages but only java is dominant among other languages. What makes Java one of the most popular choices among others is its features such as object-orientedness and open-source nature. When it comes to coding, it opens up the door to innovation to anyone who is interested in it. If you want to start a career in Java programming is the best career choice for you, attending any courses is helpful for you. So If you are looking for a Java training in Abu Dhabi, we can help you to improve your programming skills.




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