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How to Start Your Career as a SQL Developer?

Wanting to start your career as an SQL Server Developer requires you to learn all the functionalities from knowing how to use SQL to store, manipulate data, and use for the query. SQL stands for Structured Query Language which can be used for creating and querying relational databases. Many companies use SQL for managing data in the relational database and apps. 

Uses of SQL and its Demand

Although SQL is a fourth-generation programming language, it is not considered as a full-fledged programming language that can be used to write applications. SQL is used in almost every software and project, therefore, many companies prefer candidates with SQL knowledge in project management, computer programming, business analysis, web design, etc. 

SQL is used in every area, from government databases to e-commerce sites. SQL can be used to store and retrieve data for various purposes. Those who like to manage and access data effectively can learn database management. 

Qualified and skilled database professionals have a great role in increasing organizational productivity so companies should consider hiring database developers or programmers.

If you think about becoming a SQL developer this is a great time to start your career in this industry. SQL skilled professionals are in high demand and the companies highly push their digital transformation strategies to become data-driven organizations. This blog will help you with how to grow your career as a SQL developer.

What is the role of a SQL Developer?

SQL developers, also known as database developers are responsible for creating and maintaining computer database applications, also organizational and security measures within specific systems.

The Database Developers often merge database information from old to new systems, so you are responsible for testing and resolving any issues. If you want to do that, you must be familiar with multiple versions of SQL.

SQL Developer skills

You need to keep your skills updated  with the experience and certifications, you can assure growth in your career

1.Programming experience

 If you want to be a professional SQL developer, you should be familiar with environments like Oracle. If your applications are written in Java, C++  or C#, it will help you to collaborate with other teams. When you’re working with MySQL you need to have experience with PHP. Experience in the .NET framework is also useful. 

2.Database knowledge

Specialization is the key element in getting a job in SQL developing environment.The world's most popular database environment is Oracle because of its large data structure. Lots of organizations prefer to work with Microsoft SQL Server. As an SQL developer, you should be able to create databases, write optimized queries, maintain high standards of data quality and integrity, understand issues related to network performance and security, etc. 

3.Soft skills

Communication skill is one of the most important skills as an SQL developer working in a company. You should be able to explain to your customers and your colleagues about what you’re doing. 

 To grow your communication skills, you’ll need to start as a database administrator (DBA). If you have a software engineering background you will know the basics of writing SQL queries. Try to focus on gaining experience with Oracle or MySQL, and try designing your own database. 

Why should you opt for SQL as your career choice?

The future is very promising for a SQL Developer.  And so, there are endless reasons to choose SQL development as your career. Some of them are stated here. 

1. SQL is Everywhere

SQL is not limited in Computer science, you can see it everywhere from Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Science & Technology to Public Sector and more. Every company needs a database to store its information. Some of the popular organization using SQL are Netflix, Airbnb, Facebook, Google, Amazon and the list goes on. SQL is a great first step towards other more complex languages like Python, R, JavaScript, etc.

2.High Demand

If you want to get a job in database management, you should focus on the skill companies demand. The importance of SQL knowledge is high in data-related jobs. Therefore, go through the skills mentioned by companies in their job description and try to learn those skills. 

3. SQL isn’t Going Anywhere

According to StackOverflow’s analysis SQL is more popular among data scientists and data engineers than other languages like Python and R. Lots of developers prefer this technology and they won’t go down any time soon.

Landing an SQL developer job could be a smart move. The current salary for these professions is very much higher than other fields and growing demand could drive that salary up even further.


People having non-technical backgrounds have no idea how to get a job in the IT industry. They are always confused about which course they should study or which language should they choose to secure a developer job? Don’t underestimate yourself, learn to code,and easily secure a job in this field. 

Abu Dhabi is the Capital city of the UAE with many large companies preferring highly skilled professionals to perform and implement expert solutions without help. To handle the role of a SQL Server Developer, either you must get good training or attend an SQL Server Course in Abu Dhabi. It will not only help you improve your skills but open up many employment opportunities to you.




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