May 17,2020      BY   Sharafudhin Mangalad

Why is Java the Most Preferred AI Programming Language?

Artificial Intelligence has become an important part of our daily life now. AI has brought smart technology to different industries in recent years and shows another level of potential growth for human intelligence. So the developers are willing to explore and experiment in the AI field which helps businesses grow and achieve their full potential. Java is one of the first choices for developers because the features satisfy every company's specific project requirements.

We know that AI holds a very high impact in today's world, they make complex jobs easy to complete. There are many languages available for developing AI solutions such as Python, Java, R, Scala, Rust, etc. You can learn any of these languages if you want to be successful in the artificial intelligence industry. Each language has its own strengths and weaknesses for a given project. In this blog, I’ll explain why Java is considered the most preferred programming language among developers.

Why Java is the Best?

Java is a multi-paradigm language which means this follows object-oriented principles and the principle of Once Written Read/Run Anywhere. It can run on any platform without any recompilation.

Java is one of the commonly used programming languages for an application not only for AI but also for Machine Learning (ML). Java is still many developers' preferred choice for Artificial intelligence (AI) development. It’s because of the search algorithms, artificial neural networks, and genetic programming.

Java Virtual Machine Technology helps to develop a single app that has compatibility with all Java-enabled platforms. Major features of Java are:

  • Portability

  • Maintainability

  • Versatility

  • Scalable

  • Transparency


Java in the AI solutions has several advantages like Ease of use, Easy debugging, Simplicity with complex projects, and Better UI. Also, Swing and SWT features make graphics and user interfaces appealing. AI projects created in Java offer different functionalities.

1. Robocode-Robocode is a java based AI application, it helps to learn more about AI, Robotics, and Java

2.JOONE Neural Engine-It is a multi-tasking platform that helps developers to create and test neural networks.

3. WEKA-It is an open-source algorithm for building AI techniques. WEKA help to perform multiple tasks like:

  • Criteria evaluation

  • Data filtering

  • Feature selection

  • Numeric and categorical learning tasks

These are some examples of Java-based AI solutions that help learn different features of AI.  Java offers free open-source codes like chatbots.Java programming Language is versatile and easy to scale. Therefore, Java is favorite to developers and beginners.

Advanced Features

We know that Java has high user-friendliness and flexible nature because it is used for developing AI in various ways. Java offers highly advanced features like;

  • TensorFlow: It is a supported programming language and with a Java API it helps to improve the performance at a rapid pace.

  • Deep Java Library: This feature of Java can be used to create and deploy deep learning abilities of Java.

  • Kubeflow: Helps in the deployment and management of Machine Learning stacks

  • OpenNLP: It is a machine learning tool for natural language processing.

  • Java Machine Learning Library: Helps developers with several machine learning algorithms.

  • Neuroph: Helps to design neural networks using the open-source framework with the help of Neuroph GUI.

Career Scope

The scope of AI is very bright in every industry and application. It is used to create a computer program that can solve problems just like how would a human think. Java is used in a wide range of applications like:

  • Games

  • Web applications 

  • Mobile applications 

  • Expert systems 

  • Speech recognition machine 

  • Desktop applications

  • Researches and Scientific studies

  • Manufacturing and maintenance engineers.

  • Mechanical engineers

Artificial Intelligence will use more and more companies in the near future and so AI is going to outperform in every industry.


Today’s AI programmers are expected to master many languages such as Python, R, Java, Lisp, Julia, etc. There is no particular AI language to consider as the best programming language. But depending on the project requirement you can choose ideal languages for developing AI applications. However, the lead developer’s in larger enterprise systems continue to write in Java. I think you understand the importance of learning Java programming, which will help your AI career.

With the emergence of AI, more professionals are looking to upgrade to the new-age tech jobs. There are many training institutes that are providing AI certification courses. As more and more organizations started to embrace AI-enabled applications, there is a rise in demand for AI Skilled professionals. And, this rise will sharply continue in the coming years too. Therefore, a career in artificial intelligence is very helpful for your future. If you’re Abu Dhabi, the scope for AI applications will be huge and so it’s the right time to start a career in this field. There are some reputable institutes in Abu Dhabi which provide professional Artificial Intelligence training in Abu Dhabi.

Sharafudhin Mangalad

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