May 17,2020      BY   Sharafudhin Mangalad

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Learning C/C++

The demand and popularity of program developers double every year. There are hundreds of programming languages out there, also new languages are coming with exciting features. Which programming language should I learn?  This is one of the popular questions in the mind of most computer graduates or someone who wants to learn a new language. 

Every programming language has its own features, that's why some are easy to understand but some you need to keep learning. Many programmers are not able to move toward the C/C++ programming because of its very steep learning curve. Also, C/C++ is rarely used in modern application development. Many people join to learn C or C++, but they get confused in handling low-level programming elements such as pointers, address alignment, templates expansion, the memory storage model and so on. If these elements are not handled properly, it becomes complicated.

Today, there are lots of advanced programming languages like Python, Java, C#, Javascript etc, available for application development. But it looks like C/C++ are rarely used in modern application development areas such as Web front-end development, Web back-end service development, Desktop Application development, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. So why should we still learn C/C++? 

This blog is an answer to this question and is pointing out why you should keep learning C/C++?

1. Helps advanced learning

Do you know, lots of modern programming languages like Java, Python, Javascript, etc and popular libraries, all are implemented either using C or C++. If you know the syntax and common libraries of a programming language then you can easily understand them. If you’re trying to know the theory behind the languages, it will help you to understand the language deeply and develop applications more effectively. But the backbone of all these is knowing C/C++ well. Some of the examples C/C++ usages are:

  • The core of Java Virtual Machine hotspot is implemented in C++.

  • The Python interpreter is implemented in C.

  • The most popular Javascript engine V8 is implemented in C++.

  • Scientific libraries in Python, its core module is implemented in C.

2.  C/C++ is fast and efficient

If you just follow the programming guidelines to avoid errors, you will never get better performance. When we use advanced programming languages, we mainly focus on the implementation of functionalities, but C/C++ is faster and much more efficient. This should encourage you to keep learning these languages.

Higher-level languages will take more time to sort out because they are interpreted. C/C++ creates executable binaries, so the program runs much faster. Yes, Higher level languages are interpreted because they need an intermediary to run.

3. It’s not an outdated language

Today, C/C++ programmers or software developers have achieved their best with this programming concept. Not only is it a low-level language but its permissive nature helps to perform faster than any other language.

Depending on your skill level, qualifications, and expertise you can achieve a high salary. Implementation of complex data structures and algorithms in C/C++ gives you the best career in the IT industry.

4. It’s the Language of Choice

You know that most of the large scale projects are created in C++. The combination of programming in C/C++ with some of the high-level languages like Python is quite popular.

C++ has the Standard Template Library(STL) It contains algorithms, containers, functions, and iterators. Which helps in writing code compactly and quickly as required. When programming large projects, C++ is most probably the language of choice. 

There is a large online community available for C++ users and experts. They are helpful in case any support is required with resources like GeeksforGeeks etc. Other online resources for C++ include StackOverflow,, Standard C++, etc.

5. C/C++ Powers the World

According to the latest survey in 2020, C/C++ is still one of the most powerful languages in the world right now. Because C/C++ is everywhere.

  • Most operating system kernels are written in C, like Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android and so on.

  • Modern browsers are also written in C/C++. like Chrome, Firefox etc.

  • Modern game engines like Unity3D, Unreal Engine, cocos2d-x etc are written in C/C++

  • Programming languages compilers and interpreters are done in C/C++

  • Applications requiring graphics, like digital image processing, computer vision, screen recording programs are all written in C/C++.


C++ is not that hard to understand but not that easy because of the difficulty and learning curve.

You might be requiring more attention to C/C++ when it comes to learning. Try to understand the data structures, pointers, algorithms and more. But once you are an expert in this language, you will be surprised to see the power of C/C++ in the field. If you’re looking for a centre for C++ training in Abu Dhabi,  we can help you learn C /C++ through basic to advanced level of training. So don’t hesitate to keep learning these two languages that are still powerful.

Sharafudhin Mangalad

Sharafudhin Mangalad is the managing director of a chain of educational institutions in the UAE. With more than 10 years of experience in the education industry, he successfully runs Edoxi Training Institute in Dubai and Time Training Center Abu Dhabi.

He is a strategist and a leader able to steer the company to the most profitable direction while also implementing its vision, mission and long term goals. He always makes sure that his business continues to grow by identifying, developing and implementing the new strategies. He leads his team in alignment with the company's vision and values while preparing and implementing comprehensive business plans to facilitate achievement.

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