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VAT Training Program

The VAT (Value Added Tax) mechanism is expected to be implemented across the GCC on 1 Jan 2018. In line with this, Time Training Center is proud to introduce VAT Training Course in Abu Dhabi, which will provide a framework of VAT principles and issues for people working in the UAE. The training class will introduce and enhance your knowledge of VAT mechanics and treatment of various services and supplies in the UAE. Our course will be very helpful to Accountants, Finance Heads, Directors, Corporates, SMEs who will be engaged in the implementation and transformation of their businesses to VAT ready.

Our VAT training in Abu Dhabi will give you confidence in dealing with all VAT issues and embrace all VAT regulations that will be rolled out by the government in the near future.

Value Added Tax (VAT) in UAE

The UAE Minister of State for Financial Affairs, His Excellency Obaid Humaid Al Tayer, has stated that the UAE will implement VAT at the rate of five percent (5%) on 1 January 2018.  It is also announced that the Gulf Cooperation Council resolution covering the tax will come into effect in early 2018 in the UAE, but countries within the GCC region will have until 1 January 2019 to implement VAT.

What is Value Added Tax (VAT)?

A value-added tax (VAT), is a tax on goods and services tax (GST), is both a general consumption tax and indirect tax that is collected incrementally, based on the value added to goods and services.

VAT is a consumption tax because it is borne ultimately by the final consumer. It is not a charge on businesses.  VAT is also an indirect tax as it is paid to the VAT authorities by the seller of the goods, who is the "taxable person", but it is actually paid by the buyer to the seller as part of the selling price.

Why VAT is necessary?

All the experts across the region are assessing the “economic and social impact” of the VAT levy on businesses, as well as its impact on the UAE’s competitiveness, globally.   It is expected the the government revenue from the VAT will mitigate the harsh effect of the collapse of revenue generation from the oil.  It is also expected that VAT will further improve the economic environment

What are goods and services subject to VAT?

It is expected that VAT will not be levied on spending related to healthcare, education, 100 other essential items, local transportation, residential real estate, including long term leases on residential properties according to earlier reports.

Course Outline

Basic of Taxations

  • Understand the theory behind the taxation
  • Early Taxation in UAE

Concepts of VAT

  • Understand the history, basic concept of VAT
  • Differences between the VAT, GST and Sales Tax
  • Advantages and disadvantages of VAT
  • Vat rates all over the world
  • Group VAT and how it works

VAT history and updates in the UAE as of date

  • Reason behind VAT implementation
  • Impact of VAT on UAE Economy
  • Why VAT in UAE is different?
  • GCC VAT Framework

VAT Administration & Calculations

  • Definitions of terms
  • Differentiate Input VAT and Output VAT
  • Categorize the supplies for VAT calculation
  • Understand the impact of VAT on the each major industries to GCC region Prepare the invoices including VAT and documentation requirements
  • VAT on Import & Export Business
  • Understand the VAT registration process and prepare required documents for
  • How to prepare for the VAT (detailed concepts)

Case Studies

Other relevant information


Who should attend?

Business Entrepreneurs | CFOs | CEOs | Finance Managers | Accountants and those with the same functions | Staffs dealing with Payable & Receivable Accounts |  | External and internal Auditors  | Sales and purchasing Departments | Those who wanted to learn the VAT

Course Duration

VAT Training is conduted as a one day interactive workshop. 

VAT Training for Corporates

Time Training Center is offering training for Corporates at our campus or at clients' premises at their convenience. 

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