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WordPress Training In Abu Dhabi

An Overview of WordPress Course in Abu Dhabi

At times, you may have wanted to create your customized website or earn money by making websites for others. But have you any idea about creating one? There are many customizable websites like Wix, Blogger which give you customized options as per your needs. The functionalities of these websites are severely limited compared to WordPress.WordPress provides you with endless options for customizing your websites such as plugins, website templates, and more. Knowing WordPress can open various career opportunities for you. From being a WordPress developer, Blogger, Content creator to WordPress Manager, the possibilities are endless.

WordPress is an open-source and free CMS platform built on PHP and MySQL. It lets you create a website using a block building method without learning to code. As of 2021, WordPress powers 39.5% of total websites on the internet. Top websites such as TechCrunch. The NewYorker, BBC America, Microsoft News, Variety hosted their websites on WordPress. Some of the benefits of using WordPress for creating a website are:

  • Powerful
  • Flexible
  • Free to use
  • Large communities
  • You have complete control over your website

However, WordPress can be overwhelming for beginners due to its endless functionality. A steep learning curve at the start and small mistakes can break your website. Hence, we designed our WordPress course to help you set up your WordPress site. 

How Can a WordPress Certification Help Your Career?

WordPress knowledge is a highly sought out skill because of the high demand for creating and maintaining WordPress websites. Top-level companies are using WordPress to host their business website. Thus, there are many high-paying jobs out there for managing enterprise-level WordPress websites. The advantage of learning WordPress management is that it is completely remote. Hence, it is a high-demand skill for freelancing. With more and more websites opting for WordPress as their CMS, a career as a WordPress developer can be highly rewarding! 

The learning and salary are generous. On average a WordPress developer makes $81,000. You can provide end support to customers and businesses who don't have time to manage their WordPress website or don't know how to manage it. Learning WordPress can improve your chances of being a six figures freelancer or get hired by an organization to manage their websites. Regardless of where you are on your path to learning WordPress, it is one of the skills which can help you make money immediately.

What Will You Learn From Our WordPress Course?

Our WordPress Course is designed to keep beginners in mind. The course is power-packed with actionable content to provide you with hands-on experience with WordPress.

  • Introduction to WordPress
  • Getting familiar with Web hosting and domain name
  • Installing and setting up WordPress (Local host and Web host)
  • Creating local server for deploying WordPress website
  • Installing themes and plugins
  • Customizing themes, colors, fonts 
  • Connecting third-party apps such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console.
  • Adding blog posts.
  • Final Project: Creating a WP website from scratch.


The Major Objectives of Our WordPress Course:-

  • Learn How WordPress works behind the scenes
  • Troubleshoot common problems such as server failure, slow site speed, etc.
  • Customize themes, fonts, colours as per your needs
  • Optimizing your site for Search Engine
  • Maintaining website security


Why Choose Time Training Center for WordPress Training?

Time Training Center is one of the leading WordPress training providers in Abu Dhabi. We have been operating for the last 27 years and have built a solid foundation of knowledge using our experiences. 

At our institute, We strive to provide the best training out there to help you become job-ready. Our exclusive and information-packed course content will help you gain practical knowledge in the field. With nearly three decades of experience, we have tested many methods and have found the most effective way to help learners build skills.

In our WordPress training course, your learning will focus on core concepts of WordPress which include Theme customization, Adding extra functionalities using plugins, connecting to third-party apps such as Google analytics, adding blog posts, etc.

As a bonus, the course comes with actionable workbooks, ebooks, and checklists. Our industry experts provide online guidance 24/7. We also have an active learning community. You can take help from peers anytime you want or vice versa. Become a Member Now!

Who Can Pursue Our WordPress Training in Abu Dhabi?

Anyone who wants to learn How to build a website with WordPress can pursue our WordPress training. This training is perfect for:

  • Freelancers 
  • Graphic and Web designer to showcase their design skills
  • Learners wanting to start a blog
  • Professional who wish to upgrade their skills
  • All levels of people who want to learn WordPress from Scratch.
  • Existing Bloggers are transitioning to WordPress from Wix, Weebly, or Blogspot.


Absolutely. Upon successful completion of the course, Time Training Centre will issue a certificate of complete WordPress training. You can share the certificate with your employer or on your LinkedIn or resume.
Absolutely. Getting WordPress certified can open many career opportunities for you such as a WordPress manager, creating and monetizing your website, providing end support to businesses needing website maintenance, etc.
Yes. You don't need to have any knowledge of coding to learn WordPress. It works on the principle of block building. However, it does have a steep learning curve. You can learn about WordPress in our WordPress training.
Our WordPress course is 20 hours long. However, the time required to learn WordPress varies from learner to learner.

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