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Python vs VB Which Programming Language is Right for You

Are you planning to start a career in the IT industry and confused about whether Python or VB is right for you? Or, are you confused about choosing Python or VB for your development project? Read through this blog to understand:

  1. What is Visual Basic?
  2. What is Python? 
  3. Whether Python or Visual Basic is better for a development project? 
  4. Major Features of Python and Visual Basic
  5. Python or VB, which will help better in your development career? 

What is Visual Basic?

Visual Basic or VB is an easy to use programming language designed for beginners. It allows you to easily develop GUI window applications which are used to create windows and dialogue boxes for display on a Windows system. VB is a high-level programming language used for building general-purpose applications using Visual Studio and the .NET Framework.

VB.NET is widely used for in-house applications and to create AJAX and COM components to use either online or desktop applications. VB.NET is easy to understand for both novice and advanced programmers. You can create fully object-oriented applications similar to other languages like C++, Java, or C#. This language runs with much reliability and scalability. It can also interoperate well with programs written in Visual C++, Visual C#, and Visual J#. Now, let us get to know about Python. 

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What is Python?

Python is a powerful and object-oriented programming language created by Guido Van Rossum. Although Python is a general-purpose programming language,  its powerful object-oriented feature can be compared with other programming languages like Ruby, Java, Scheme and Perl. Python is praised for its readable code and elegant syntax. If you're a beginner, a programming career in Python is highly recommended and offers higher prospects.

Python or Visual Basic - Which is better for a development project? 

The numerous perks that Python offers to its developers differentiate it from other languages, especially when comparing Visual Basic. But, if you ask which is better- Python or VB for development? You cannot come into a conclusion. None of the programming languages can be said good nor bad. 
Python is simple to learn and an excellent choice for beginners, yet it doesn’t mean that python development is free of flaws. Some may even consider it to be too old-fashioned for modern programming needs. On the other hand, if you're considering programming in Windows, you're more likely to prefer Visual Basic as it is simple to write basic programs. 
To decide whether you should go for Python development or Visual Basic Development, you must see both sides of the coin. Weigh in its benefits and flaws and decide for yourself if you should go for Python development or VB development.

Comparison of the Features of Python and Visual Basic

Features of Python 

Features of Visual Basic

It's an Easy to Learn & Code Language for Beginners

It's an Easy to Learn & Use Language for Beginners

Its syntax is very clear and readable

The ALGOL-like syntax makes code more readable

It's a Cross-platform language which can be written on Mac, Linux, Windows and in other operating systems with Python interpreter installed. 

Supports cross-platform development on Android, iOS, Windows Universal Platform and the Mac in C# via Xamarin since Visual Studio 2015.

It has an active and helpful community

It has a Large Community of Supporters

Used in Variety of Applications

Used in Wide Range of Applications

It is an object-oriented language which makes it easy when creating and using classes and objects. 

It is an object-oriented programming language. It treats everything as an object.

It has a standard library which is very extensive, offering a wide range of facilities. 

It has a huge library and functions. 

It’s an Integrated language which can be used with other languages like c, c++, etc.

VB is designed to be used with a richly featured programming interface called an Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

It’s freely available on the official website to download. 

You can freely download Microsoft Visual Basic for use. 

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Why Choose Python for Development?

A common question asked by most beginners in Python and intermediate skilled developers is “Whether Python is good for project development?
Yes, Python is a versatile language and can be used in a wide variety of applications. Some of the major applications developed using Python are:

  1. Data Science, Machine Learning & AI
  2. Scientific and mathematical computing
  3. Web development
  4. API Development
  5. Finance and trading
  6. System automation and administration
  7. Computer graphics
  8. Game development

It's a great language for professionals to use as well as for beginners to enter the fascinating world of programming.

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Why is Python highly preferred for App Development? 

Python is well known for its readability and ease of use. Therefore, using Python for mobile app development can hugely benefit as its code can be translated for faster development. 

For mobile apps, speed is critical in gaining and keeping the market share. The vast array of Python's libraries make it possible to cover all aspects of software development. Some of these libraries include tools for compiling Python into native code for developing native iOS and Android mobile platforms. On the other hand, neither Android nor iOS can’t natively run Python apps as they don't support interpreted languages. This is where the role of a number of frameworks comes to play to bridge the gap. These frameworks allow Python apps to be run on mobile devices with a native look and feel.

You can develop Cross-Platform Mobile Frameworks using Python. When developing cross-platform mobile applications to support iOS and Android platforms using Python, you may either choose: Kivy or BeeWare.

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Developing Applications in Visual Basic

Visual Basic is a programming language designed for creating a variety of applications that run on the .NET Framework. It is a powerful, type-safe, and object-oriented language. Built on the .NET Compiler Platform “Roslyn”, Visual Basic provides rich code analysis APIs and its open-source on GitHub. 

Visual Basic Applications is a specialized implementation of the Visual Basic language that is designed to be used within existing applications. Often bundled with Microsoft applications like the Office Suite and third-party programs like AutoCAD, VBA is designed to provide simple programming options to extend the functionality of popular programs.

Using Visual Basic Applications you can:

  • Create a Windows Forms app in Visual Studio
  • Build cross-platform web and Windows desktop applications with C# or F#.
  • Create a simple Visual Basic application that has a Windows-based user interface (UI).

Visual Basic Application cannot compile into a system executable file on its own. Rather, it requires an interpreter to read the “P-code” created through the compilation process. A VBA program can be embedded in a Microsoft Word document, but cannot stand on its own as a program run from the Windows Start Menu. If you wish to write programs from scratch, Visual Basic would normally be used rather than VBA.

As with other intermediate language environments, VBA suffers a speed disadvantage when compared to the native programs written in Visual Basic. The reason for this is that VBA requires the additional step of interpretation by another program. The extra steps and corresponding system resources required to execute VBA programs mean that VBA is normally not used if speed is an issue.

At the same time, the additional features of VB.NET like case insensitive, multithreading which allows your applications to deal with multiple tasks, automatic code formatting, XML designer, improved object browser, etc. makes it an easy to use language.
When you develop in .NET it just feels more "ergonomic" than developing in some other interpretative language. There are many little things that are so nice, like the DateTime class integrating flawlessly with the DateTime type of the SQL Server database. Everything was made with developer friendliness. 

Today, Visual Basic versions are available for Microsoft's .NET programming environment and for automating tasks in MS Office. Visual Basic is not a complicated language even for the average programmers. The syntax is generally much more straightforward than other programming languages. Visual Basic Training will provide you with in-depth knowledge of areas of VB and makes it easy to visualize what needs to be done.

Python Vs Visual Basic - Career Opportunities

The career opportunities for Python and Visual Basic vary based on the preference people have for both of these languages. The number of Python programmers around the world are growing rapidly. Python continues to attract new users because it can be used to develop small applications to scale well to permit the development of large programs. 

Considering VB and VB.NET, this language has become mostly irrelevant. NET. As .NET is very popular, especially if you're looking for a job in the US or Abu Dhabi or anywhere else in the world, getting .NET training can help. 

Job Prospects for Python

Python Professionals have high demand in the job market. According to the current job trends, Python programming is so popular and ubiquitous in nature.  
It is better for you to get a Python certification to start your career very easily. Consistency is very important when you are learning a new language, so Python training in Abu Dhabi helps you to learn from the basics and go on to master web development & game development in Python.

What companies use Python?

All of the major companies which use Python for different development are Google, Uber Technologies, Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram, Spotify etc. 

Job Prospects in Visual Basic

There are a lot of career opportunities for Visual Basic talent. The focus should be on Visual Basic skills and good theoretical knowledge. You can look for Visual Basic jobs after getting Visual basic Training. The average Visual Basic Developer salary in the United States typically falls between $56,589 and $74,714. Salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, the number of years you have spent in your profession.

What companies use Visual Basic?

Many companies use Visual Basic or VB in its latest version for their development projects. Some of them include Microsoft, Double slash, Net-Business, GmbH, CrowdStrike, Broadcom, Improbable, BitMEX, and Tanium etc. 

Let’s Sum Up!

Choosing between programming languages is often confusing, choose the best one which fits your area of interest.  Python or VB.Net both are very popular languages and there won’t be a lack of resources once you choose a career in any. If you feel you cannot do the learning yourself, sign up to take Visual Basic Training, or learn Python Course. Learning these IT courses will help you build an amazing career in the IT Industry. 

Shahista Tabassum

Shahista Tabassum is a senior IT Technical Trainer at Time Training Center Abu Dhabi.  She has an extensive work experience of 11 years working in various roles as a software developer, It Consultant and Technical Trainer. She spends her free time learning new things that will enhance productivity and in volunteering activities that help kids to learn new things. You can find her on LinkedIn.

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