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Advanced English Course In Abu Dhabi

All You Need To Know About Advanced English Course in Abu Dhabi

Do you feel a lack of confidence in expressing yourself easily and articulately in English? Do you use filler words and take long pauses while speaking? If yes, then the time has come to take your intermediate English language skills to the next level. 

Advanced English Learning can deepen your existing English knowledge and better prepare you to face any real-life situations. Your English will soon sound rich, spontaneous and free-flowing. However, it requires practice along with consistent effort. Time Training Center’s Advanced English Course in Abu Dhabi can be a perfect partner to reach your advanced English goals. 

Become a smart, flexible, fluent and confident English language communicator with Time Training.  

What Do We Offer in the Advanced English Course? 

At Time Training, we understand that learning English is a continuous process with something new to learn every day. Our Advanced English course curriculum is designed to keep you updated so that you achieve and maintain all academic, professional and personal requirements. In your journey with us you will learn to:

  • Perfect your English accent. 
  • Plan, organise and write complex tasks
  • Interact in English for a longer time fluently. 
  • Understand and use complex grammar patterns
  • Expand your vocabulary collection.
  • Pick up and follow different accents easily. 
  • Identify implicit meanings from demanding English texts.
  • Use idioms and phrasal verbs in speech.
  • Bring variations in speech with stress and intonation.
  • Recognise nuances in Native speaker’s English. 

Who can pursue Time Training’s Advanced English Course? 

  • Business professionals who need to communicate with overseas partners.
  • Anyone looking to work or study in an English speaking environment.
  • Multinational Corporations looking to meet employee skill gaps.
  • People working as sales representatives, market research analysts, customer support or any job role that requires spontaneous communication.

Corporate Training on Advanced English Course

The language spoken in the corporate world is mostly, English. From the most commonplace situations to the most professional settings, corporates cannot afford to compromise on their business English skills. If you have a tough time reaching for full potential with the English language, then our Advanced English Course is for you. 

The Advanced English course at Time Training builds a professional team fluent in English. Be it negotiating a business deal, handling international clients, hosting events or delivering presentations, our training will enhance your company image by leaps and bounds. 

Undoubtedly, Training in Advanced English is one of the best investments to make today. It brings long term benefits and value to your company in the global marketplace.  

How do Corporates Benefit from our Advanced English Course?

English is key for any global business activity and our Advanced English Trainers bring a visible difference in the performance of your workforce. Listed below are areas where you can expect sharp improvement:

  • Diplomatic Speech
  • Interview Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Business Writing
  • Email and Telephone Etiquette
  • Accent Neutralisation
  • Personality Development
  • Collaborative Work

Why Should Corporates Provide Advanced English Training to employees? 

Good communication enforces a strong workplace culture. Employees might have sound technical skills and work expertise but may suffer to communicate effectively with their clients and coworkers. This can naturally strain the relationship between the employee and the employer and consequently affect productivity. Reasons to consider Advanced English Training for your employees:

  • Makes them competent in the English speaking corporate world
  • It enhances teamwork by resolving communication issues
  • Increases trust between the company and customers due to transparent sharing of information.

Why choose Time Training Center for Advanced English Training? 

Time Training Center has a reputation for language training excellence in Abu Dhabi. With us, learners have worked towards fine-tuning their English language skills taking them much ahead in life. Here is why Time Training Center can be the right choice in Advanced English learning.

  • We offer personalised attention to learners
  • We have highly qualified language learning advisors.
  • We offer a widely recognised certification on course completion. 
  • We provide industry-specific training according to your requirements. 
  • Our course offers professional training with affordable fees. 

To join our Advanced English Course in Abu Dhabi, Call us on 02 6713828


Advanced English training is designed to upgrade existing English language skills. Therefore, it requires you to have basic English language skills to start with. 

Our course is designed for a total of 35 hours. It may take longer based on your pace of learning.

Yes, you can use advanced English to work within any English dominant environment. Although there is an emphasis on workplace English, the basic modules of learning are common to all contexts.

Yes, you will be offered a certificate after you successfully complete the score. This certificate will add value to your resume and impress prospective employers.

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