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Email Writing Course In Abu Dhabi

All You Need To Know About Email Writing Training in Abu Dhabi 

Would you read a lengthy email that has more than 800 words? Probably not—most people skim through emails that are long. And what if you add hard-to-follow sentences or unorganised messages, to your draft, you’re even less likely to get a satisfactory response or any response. 

So what do you need to do instead?  Keep it concise and focus on the matter at hand. Then end with a call to action, a requested response date, and make it clear that you’re open to questions and follow-ups. What if you're not aware or don't know how to do things in a perfect way? 

To make your drafts stand out from the myriad emails, you will need the help of a professional. At Time Training Center Abu Dubai, we can help you write perfect emails with our Email Writing Course. 

How Time Training Center Helps in Improving your Email Writing Skills? 

Time Training Center provides you with Training on Email Writing. Our Email Writing Training Course in Abu Dhabi is aimed at helping you to write effective business emails in English. 

Time Training Center's Email Writing Course will: 

  • Provide tips on writing more professional emails.
  • Provide lessons to improve your overall English writing skills.
  • Improve your grammar and vocabulary skills for email writing.
  • Improve your cross-cultural knowledge.
  • Make you more powerful and successful in your business communication.
  • Learn about different email formats to analyze tone, formality levels, and various organizational styles. 
  • Improve your emails of introduction, announcements or requests.
  • Improve your emails that apologize or revise a request. 

Corporate Training on Professional Email Writing Course

Anyone can write an email in the business world today. But can you write emails that increase your chances of a fast response and that build your professional image?

By taking this 16 hours Professional Email Writing course, you will learn all the tips for writing powerful, business emails. 

Time Training Center's Professional Email Writing Course will teach you: 

  • Basic Email Guidelines 
  • Types of Email
  • Writing Style and Tone
  • Sentence Organization
  • Email Format
  • Writing Styles Unique to Different Situations
  • Emails of Business and Commercial Nature
  • The Art of Writing an Effective Complaint Letter
  • Apologizing via Email
  • Typing up Personal/Sensitive Emails
  • What is a Job Application Email and How to Write One
  • Format for Report Writing
  • Commonly Misused Words

This course is at the introductory or professional level and focuses on mastering the advanced email etiquette and communication. This course will help learners become faster and more efficient writers by virtue of practise with common writing purposes. At the end of this course, you will be a more confident writer, able to create higher quality professional emails more quickly.

Who Can PursueTime Training’s Email Writing Course?

  • Anyone who writes emails in the public or private sectors
  • Corporate companies who're looking to give Corporate Training on Email Writing to its staff. 

Why Choose Time Training Center for Your Professional Email Writing Course? 

We provide Professional Email Writing Training in Abu Dhabi for professionals who want to create effective and impactful emails. Here is why you should choose Time Training Center for Email Writing Training:

  • We offer objective guidance for candidates to learn advanced techniques in email writing.
  • We have industry-leading professional trainers to train in all aspects of professional email writing.
  • We offer customised teaching methods so that you can choose the level of learning according to your preference. 
  • We will help in improving your overall written English skills. 
  • We teach you creative writing methods to impress your clients. 
  • We give a course completion certificate that adds value to your career. 
  • We offer flexible learning with affordable fees.

To enrol in our Professional Email Writing Training in Abu Dhabi, Call us on 02 6713828 or WhatsApp us on 055 856 4000


If you write and reply to emails and want to do it more efficiently, then this professional email writing course is for you.

This Specialization helps you to develop your skills in planning, organising, writing and editing emails. It will enable you to write more effective and efficient emails. You will learn techniques to help you write emails that people want to read and ensure you are better understood in the workplace.

It takes just 16 hours to complete the program. For your convenience, it's divided into four easy segments of 4 hours each in 4 days.

Yes, they really are — especially things like the emphasis on the reader's needs, tools for effective openings, logical organization, use of headlines, etc., all of which have broad application in business writing.

When you enrol in the course, you learn to draft Emails with Proper Structure and etiquettes, and you earn a certificate when you complete the course. The certificate can help you in your career advancement. 

This course doesn't carry university credit, but some universities may choose to accept Course Certificates for credit. Check with your institution to learn more.

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