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Python Django Course In Abu Dhabi

Become an expert in Python Django Development and build real-world web applications & APIs. Time's Python Django Course in Abu Dhabi will help you to

  • Pursue a web development career
  • Build your own web applications and APIs.
  • Build Django projects from inception to deployment.
  • Perform the critical tasks of a professional Django web developer

Overview of Python Django Training in Abu Dhabi

Django is a widely-used Python web framework for model-template-view (MTV) based architectural patterns that allow you to quickly develop scalable, secure, and quality web applications. Maintained by the Django Software Foundation, Django provides you with an easier path to produce database-driven websites. Top companies like Disqus, Instagram, YouTube, and The Washington Post are using the Django framework.

This open-source framework is time-tested, easy to use, operating system independent, and supported by a massive community of developers. It helps you produce dynamic websites using less code with pluggable components and is maintained on Github. 

Learn Django If you're building database-heavy websites or other complex projects. Django provides you with a high-level python web framework for building dynamic web pages with content management needs. Learning Django can also open your doors to the world of web applications. 

Why is Python Django Important? 

Django is one of the top-3 Python web frameworks for building highly scalable web applications with a constantly growing audience (e.g. content-based or news sites). The Django framework is clear and simple, fast, reliable, flexible, and scalable. Django has a huge loyal contributing community and this framework helps you to get your job done with fewer lines of code. Instead of spending time on built-in components, it will allow you as a developer to focus on building new components.

Why Should You Learn Python Django?  

There are many reasons why you should learn Django Framework, and the most common reasons are:

  • Django is one of the most popular frameworks in the world for Python because it’s so easy to install and create a website in hours instead of months.
  • Django is built to be a single-page application framework, and it's database-agnostic, meaning you can use any database you want. 
  • Django is a Python web framework that allows you to quickly build web apps without having to worry about many things that come with building a web app from scratch. 
  • You can save time by using a web framework like Django and automating repetitive tasks like creating database migrations. 

Training Program Outcomes and Professional Benefits

The major outcomes and professional benefits of Python Django Training in Abu Dhabi are:

  • Learn the basics and advanced aspects of Django:A course in Python Django from Edoxi can help freshers and professionals learn the basics and advanced aspects of Python and Django.
  • Have a Stellar Career as a Django Developer:Despite having a stellar career as a Django Developer, proficiency in Django can help the enrolee to easily secure a job at a tech firm or work as an independent Django developer. 
  • Expand Your Reach to Other Branches:Proficiency in Python can help an individual branch out to other sub-sectors of the IT industry like computer graphics or web development.
  • Increased Demand for Professionals:The demand for techies proficient in Python and Django in Abu Dhabi and in other countries is increasing at an exponential rate. 



The prerequisites for taking Python Django Training in Abu Dhabi include the following:

  • Anyone can take up this course. 
  • A computer basics is good to start with & most important is you need to have good interest in learning python. 
  • IT professionals who are familiar with programming can quickly pick up the pace and hone their Python/Django skills..
  • Learners / interested individuals who do not have any programming skills are also welcome. 


Python Django Career Path & Opportunities

Career growth of a Django developer is great as you must be knowing that Python is very much in demand and Django uses Python to write programming language so this also gives an advantage to a Django developer.     

A person working as a Python Developer in the United Arab Emirates typically earns around 249,000 AED per year. Salaries range from 114,000 AED (lowest) to 395,000 AED (highest). Some of the major Job Roles a Python Django Developer can get following Django Training Course are: 

  • Python developer
  • Full stack developer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • Full stack web developer


Industries Looking for Python Django Developers

  • Software Engineering and IT Consulting
  • Event Management and Ticketing Service


Companies Looking for Python Django Developers in Abu Dhabi

  • Archireef LTD
  • Alef Education
  • Luxoft


Course Syllabus

Python Course Content

Section Syllabus
  • Overview
  • Environment Setup
  • Basic Concepts
  • Basic Concepts
  • Basic Operators in Python
  • Loops and Decision-Making
  • Functions
  • Python Modules and Packages
  • Basic OOPs Concept
  • Decorator, Iterator and Generator
  • Anonymous Function
  • File Manipulation
  • Python GUI
  • SQL and Python
  • NoSQL and Python
  • Project Demonstration Tkinter with SQL
  • Other Concepts
  • Advanced Concept -- Overviews

Django Course Content 

Section Syllabus
  • Introduction to Django
  • Installation of Django
  • The Basics of Dynamic Web Pages
  • The Django Template System
  • Interacting with a Database: Models
  • The Django Administration Site
  • Form Processing
  • Advanced Views and URL configurations
  • Generic Views
  • Extending the Template Engine
  • Generating Non-HTML Content
  • Sessions, Users and Registration

Training Options

Choose the best training options to suit your needs

Training Options Features
Classroom Training
  • Interactive Classroom Training Sessions
  • 60+ Hrs Practical Learning
  • Excellent Classroom Infrastructure
  • Industry Expert-led Classes
  • Weekend/Weekday Classes
  • Course-Completion Certificate from Time Training
Customized Corporate Training
  • Customized learning (digital/ instructor-led)
  • Flexible pricing options
  • Enterprise grade Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • Learners assistance and after support


How To Get Python Django Certified?- Follow These Three Steps To Python Django Certification


Getting Python Django Certified, increases the value of your Resume and attain jobs in leading MNCs in the world.  Follow our three steps below to attain the Certification in Python Django. Here you go!

  •  Get Professional Training
  • Pass the Python Django Certification 
  • Become A Python Django Certified Professional


Why Choose Time Training Center for Python Django Training in Abu Dhabi? 

At Time Training Center, we believe in learning by performing. After every module, you will have tons of exercises and projects to apply what you learned. The course is designed by Django Experts with years of industry knowledge. This course will help you start from basics and gradually move towards advanced topics such as building Web Apps.

After completing this course, you will build complex web apps with features like user authentication(e.g. Google Sign Up), build REST API, fully functioning blogs and websites, and so much more. Furthermore, we provide an active learning community to share your queries with other learners and help each other. Any time you feel doubts, you can take guidance from our experts. We have your back. 


Django is a Python-based Web framework that helps you reuse the code. It is swift and scalable. It is a suitable option for creating data-heavy websites and apps. Popular apps such as Instagram, Youtube are built on Django to keep up with heavy traffic and maintain a smooth run.

Python's Django is a full-stack web framework that makes building and maintaining web applications easier. Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) systems handle database operations, templating engines display data on the front-end, and authentication and authorization frameworks handle user authentication. It also includes built-in support for handling forms, file uploads, and other common web development tasks. As a result, Django is considered to be a full-stack web framework.

The course contains 24 hours of interactive training. As the training is self-paced, the time needed to learn will vary based on the learner's priority.

Below you will learn why Django is one of the best Python Frameworks and how you can use the knowledge of Django to build apps and websites. 

  • Extremely Fast:Would you wait for an app or website for 10 minutes to load? Many do not have the time or patience to wait for apps to load. Hence, Django helps apps that are content with a heavy load within milliseconds. 

  • Secured :The Internet has increased the risk of cyberattacks. You would not want to jeopardize users' sensitive information. So, in this case, Django provides a secure framework to store passwords and sensitive information like credit card info.

  • Scalable:Django used Shared Nothing architecture. This architecture separates each part of the application. Meaning all the parts of the applications are independent of each other. Hence, If your app or website is multiplying, you can scale your app using Django.

Other than the above features, Django is very versatile. You can almost build anything on the Django framework. From content management systems, and wikis to picture-heavy apps such as Instagram, and Disqus. If you work in digital marketing, then you know the importance of SEO optimization. Django is SEO-friendly and can help rank your apps and websites on Google easily. So many reasons to start learning Django. Get Django certified with us.

Today, Django is used by many popular websites such as Instagram, YouTube, and Disqus. Whether you are looking to build projects for the organization or personal projects, your expertise in Django can help you scale your career.

According to Payscale, the average salary of a Django Developer in the U.S. is $85,570 per annum. As of now, there is much more demand for Django developers than there is supply. Take advantage of this opportunity by being an early bird. Build expertise in Python Django and skyrocket your career growth. 

Some benefits of learning Python Django course in Abu Dhabi are

  • Proof of Expertise
  • Job opportunities
  • Expert guidance
  • Thriving learners community to help you sail through doubts and mistakes.

At Time Training Center, we provide you with all the facilities to start learning Django without the need to leave your current job or education.

The major objectives of Time Training Center’s Python Django Training in Abu Dhabi are to help you: 

  • Understand Django basics like URL Routings, Models, and much more.
  • Understand how using Django will help you save tons of time in your web dev projects
  • Learn to connect Django with databases like SQL and Postgre
  • Learn how to use Git for version control. 
  • Create beautiful websites with everything you learned in this course.

Anyone interested in learning web development, and building web apps can pursue our Python Django Course in Abu Dhabi. The best suitable candidates for taking our training are:

  • Those who have already learned Python basics and want to move to Advanced Levels
  • Those who want to work with REST API Framework
  • Those interested in building and deploying websites from scratch
  • Freshers and Undergraduates
  • Engineers
  • Professional seeking career transition.

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